I’m Eva Maria.

I’m a 26 year-old dancer, teacher, and avid shoe collector that lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I have a passion for books, adventures,  and beautiful things.

I love reading other peoples’ blogs, and one day decided I would start my own (after much hemming and hawing). I’m an aspiring writer that loves to tell stories. I’m so glad people enjoy reading them, though sometimes can’t understand why. I aim to write about the things that genuinely interest me, the anecdotal things that happen to me on a daily basis, and the occasional girly nonsense.

Thanks for reading! ♥



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Eva,
    Congratulations on this enlightening, insightful and quirky blog. I’ve been enjoying reading your various posts, especially your thorough take on the Oakland Museum’s White Elephant sale! Your writing is pretty good. There are a few minor grammar errors along the way, but nothing major.
    Looking forward to chatting with you about it more. Take care and keep enjoying life and the great work you do!
    Steve Corman
    Hannah’s grandpa

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