Time Capsule

Hello everyone!

I feel like it completely dates me, but I recall setting up my Facebook account for the first time using my very new @Umail.UCSB.edu email address. It was the equivalent of an online high school alumni group with basic features, photos, and messaging. Fast-forward several years and Facebook has somehow grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. I would never have even imagined that my job would one day revolve around Facebook. It’s a very odd thing to think about. Speaking of odd things…
Has anyone ever searched “On This Day” on their Facebook recently? You might also know it as the little “memory” window that shows up on your newsfeed first thing on any given day, a social media time-capsule of sorts.  This morning, I was reminded that a year ago today I was given a whole new (retainer-free!) smile.
Quite the thing to commemorate! (You can find the post here, if you’re curious about my crazy tooth story.) On the complete opposite end of the spectrum apparently 10 years ago on Facebook I was….
What the heck kind of nonsense is this Facebook? 10 years ago, as a sophomore in college, my status was apparently “at home?” Did Facebook even have a status back then? What is that!? I’m still very perplexed by this, and irked that part of me might never know what 19 year old Eva was thinking.
A less perplexing memory came from the year before last, where I was in the midst of a blogging kick, aka “Blogtober,” and finding myself with a little extra time on my hands. Making my very favorite soup is still my favorite way to celebrate the change in weather.
Of course, we all have those very deep, quote-filled Facebook moments to look back on. Before Watch Me Juggle, I enjoyed posting the occasional Khalil Gibran or Rumi quote on my page. Seeing this one in particular brought all kinds of memories back…
A strange thing happens when you get older that no one ever tells you about. Without school to keep tabs on your life’s progress, everything sort of blends together. The last five years, in particular, feel like an odd blur. While I still live in the same apartment, I’ve worked a variety of jobs, and had people come and go in my life. I’m certainly glad things turned out the way they did.

(She’s back! Juggling away, as always)



Five Things

Hello everyone!

I’m back today with my usual Five Things. This week seems to have a bit of a rainbow theme in effect. Show me someone who doesn’t like rainbow-colored things, and I’ll show you a big fat liar. I’ve gather this weeks “things” from a variety of locations, namely the local Whole Foods, Books Inc., and my favorite cookie delivery people. One would think that I’m hawking for all these people, but I’m afraid not! (If anyone has any connections, please put me in touch with them *wink wink*) Don’t ever hesitate to add some sprinkles to your life. It’s always appropriate…


Along with Pride in San Francisco came these rainbow unicorn cupcakes. I could almost not bring myself to eat this majestic frosting. Also, I have to give credit to whoever is crafting little chocolate unicorns. Amazing!


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: a Pinterest recipe! I was inspired by this recipe from Veuve Cliquot that combines vanilla ice cream, raspberries, and champagne. It was a hit- especially in the Fourth of July heat!


When all else fails, nothing can brighten up your day quite like a cookie covered in rainbow sprinkles. I’m partial to Doughbies, based here in San Francisco, that will deliver freshly baked cookies directly to you in under 20 minutes.


I’ll admit that I was a bit apprehensive of the adult coloring book trend that seems to have taken hold recently, but this fantastic display finally has me convinced. I even came across some actual “adult” coloring books- chock full of phrases that would make the FCC have a fit. The dichotomy never fails to make me laugh!



Image c/o Butlikemaybe

Butlikemaybe has to be my new favorite Instagram account. I love the simple illustrations coupled with all too relatable (albeit hilarious) scenarios. You can find some of my other favorite posts here, here, and here.

Happy Wednesday!



Hello everyone!


The day started out beautifully here in the bay, but it soon turned hazy and rather stifling. Today, which also happened to be my last day of vacation, turned out to be a bit too much. It’s okay to have those days every-once-in-a-while, if you ask me. I did have a rather lovely weekend, and I promise to share more on the blog a little later.

Today, I wanted to share with you a channel that I’ve become rather attached to on Youtube. This will probably be rather ironic, because the theme of my post (like “I Can’t Read” from earlier this week) is the general preoccupation with electronics. This video-blog, also know widely on the internet as a Vlog, features the daily life of a young couple in London. Their weekly outings with their baby boy aka “Squeaky G,” their travels, adventures, etc. There’s something so incredibly endearing about them, and I’d like to think that we would be friends in real life, which is probably totally creepy. Aside from the fact that they’re an adorable family, the way they portray their lives is so refreshing and relatable. It’s not anything extraordinary, really just a techie guy and his makeup artist/stay at home mum wife , but I look forward to their videos every week. Here’s the latest:

They were my initial inspiration for “Blackout” night. They touch a little bit on the instant validation we get through our phones and social media: a retweet , or a ‘Like’ on Instagram or Facebook. It gives us attention we so naturally crave with the minimum amount of effort. It makes us feel connected even when our time is probably best spent connecting with the things and people physically present in our world, even if that sometimes means spending time totally alone.

I particularly enjoyed the excerpt featured from “The Independent,” also known as “The i,” in England is an article from Simon Kelner. It is both beautifully written and expresses a worrisome condition that I’ve become all too familiar with. (Note that the below is a transcript, rather than a direct quotation.)

This morning, I couldn’t take my eyes off the landscape. Oxfordshire under a cloudless sky looked like a province; green, still, restful and sweeping. The only traces of the heat haze hung over the well-tended pastureland. You couldn’t see anything other than the indigenous trees, not a pine in sight. Horses stood quietly in paddocks. It was a vision of the countryside that was so perfect, as to be almost implausible. I stared out the window in awe and as deep as I could be in contemplation. And then I realized, I was the only person in the carriage who was living in the present. Every other person was hooked up to an electronic device. Some were switching between laptop and mobile- even the woman reading a book had earphones attached. Not a single passenger on the 720 to Marylebone was taking a blind bit of notice of the majestic scenery. It literally passed them by.” 

Here’s the thing:

It’s hard to unplug, and be alone.

I think it’s worth it, in the end. Not to put things in finite terms, but think of it like this: do you want to be the person behind the phone always experiencing life through a screen? Or would you rather just live it?

Just a few thoughts.