Five Things

Hello all,

Happy Wednesday! I’m back this week with a long-overdue Five Things! This past few weeks have been a doozy, to say the least. (Yes, I used doozy. I do not regret my word choice.) Luckily, there’s always a bit of silver lining to life; there are always lovely things to observe and share, if you look close enough. This week, I’m sharing a few of these bright spots with you, dear reader. Onward, to Five Things!


I recently was lucky enough to see Darren Criss in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” I can’t remember the last time I went to a musical, and I’ve decided that I need to do so more often! This show was particularly great: simple, slightly ridiculous, and splendid, all at once.


If you follow me on Instagram (or take peeks at my feed down below), you might have noticed my latest “treat yourself” purchase from Tiffany. This little love bracelet only recently caught my eye. It’s a bit big on my wrist, but I refused to have it re-sized right when I purchased it. It was the kind of day where I needed a little something shiny and special to take home.


As it turns out, my friend Stephanie and I are now Alameda famous! She spotted this photo of us in our town magazine. A few months back, we attended a really lovely benefit for Meals on Wheels at our local Rock Wall Wine Company. I had absolutely no qualms about supporting a great cause at one of my favorite spots on the island.


I spotted this display while perusing through a local boutique the other day, and I couldn’t have picked items that seemed more…well, me. I actually own this particular Voluspa candle, but haven’t gotten around to lighting it yet. It’s seems almost too lovely! One day…


I came across the above cartoon while exploring Instagram the other day, and it made me chuckle. In hard times, it definitely helps to laugh at oneself. I’m also incredibly reassured that shopping and alcohol seem to be the common cure for many issues. We are not alone, my friends.


Five Things

Hello all,

It’s time for Five Things, again! Is it just me,or does this feel like an entire week of never-ending Thursdays? Tomorrow marks the beginning of my holiday-craziness, as I like to call it with the opening night of Smuin Ballet’s Christmas Ballet. Yours truly will be all but living in the theater, for the next two weeks. On the bright side, I’ll be able to get a substantial amount of Christmas shopping done,as our theater is mere steps away from San Francisco’s downtown shopping hub.  I’ll also most likely be able to write quite a bit “inside the box,” as I like to call it. So, stay tuned for some behind the scenes blogs on the ballet. In the meantime, here are this week’s Five Things!


I stumbled upon this intriguing piece of art at SFO the other day. I believe it had some sort of creative name like “Heels to Heaven.” They were giant high heels, so I naturally had to take a picture.


I’m a firm believer in treating yourself every-once-in-a-while. I snapped up these beautiful rose gold Kendra Scott earrings at a recent Nordstrom sale as an early Christmas present to myself. (In case your curious, on my nails is OPI’s “Taupeless beach” nailpolish)


I came across this perfectly preserved cocktail dress from the 1950’s at Desert Vintage in Tucson. The photo doesn’t do it nearly enough justice; it was beautifully tailored, with curved seams and a very full circle skirt. My favorite piece in the shop, however, had to be a 1920’s  navy and lilac lace caftan-style dress that looked like it could have been made yesterday. If you’re ever in the market for unique pieces that are well taken care of, Desert Vintage is the place to look.


I was really pleased to hear that the iconic Bay Bridge light show was making a reappearance for the holidays. After a long day at work, they considerably brightened up my commute.


I recently held an impromptu holiday photoshoot in my apartment inspired by this creative woman’s Christmas cards. This year, I’ve resolved to make my very own, semi-inappropriate cards to send out to friends. This is the first year I’ve made custom cards using Shutterfly, and I’m looking forward to finally getting them in the mail very soon. Hint: these are not your grandmother’s Christmas cards.

Cheers, and happy holidays!


Five Things

Hey all!

Remember last week when I said that my Five Things was the place where all the random things of my life go to live on the internet? Well, while I was getting this week’s post together, I realized a pattern I seemed to have. Just take a fancy looking cocktail, something cute (preferably a puppy), and something I bought this week, and voilà! You have Watch Me Juggle. I might be horribly predictable, but I’d like to think I’m fun nonetheless.

I tried to mix it up a bit this week…see, no cocktail picture! But I did run around San Francisco and go shopping- gradual change is good.


I’ve been keeping an eye out for everything mermaid-related lately, seeing as we’re performing our own rendition of The Little Mermaid for this year’s “Big Show.” This shirt from H&M made me laugh.


So, my singular Alex & Ani bangle was looking awfully lonely. My latest edition is the “Love” bangle. Pretty self explanatory- I love jewelry with a little message.


I spend an awful lot of time attending ballets at the SF Opera House, and, hence, I spend an awful lot of time looking at the City Hall building. It’s quite beautiful, though. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I was recently at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts for work and had to take a photo (albeit a blurry one…can’t wait for a new camera!) of this statue in the lobby. It’s beautiful, and always catches my eye.


I’ve been really loving I Am Her Tribe on Instagram as of late. I find their posts inspiring, and not overly schmaltz-y. They’re a great combination of both the serious and the light-hearted. Go check them out!


Five Things

Hello dear readers!

I can’t believe it’s already a week since the last “Five Things!” I feel like I begin almost all my blogs the same way, but it’s true. This week I’ve found myself inundated with choreography and planning a gala. That’s right- I’m helping plan a gala. Has there ever been a more hoity-toity phrase spoken? All the legitimate hard work aside, I’m quite excited. Stay tuned to see snapshots on Watch Me Juggle!

In the meantime, here’s this weeks Five Things!

imageI recently bough two bouquets of daffodils for no reason in particular. They’ve made my house smell so amazing! They’re quite cheerful sight when I come home after a long day.
imageI showed my new Alex & Ani mermaid bracelet off on Five Things a few weeks ago. I decided she was lonely and bought this starfish to keep her company! I love what it represents.
image This may look a rather underwhelming blob of soap, but it’s so much more. This is the new “Honey I Washed my Hair” shampoo bar from Lush. I can’t say enough good things about it; it lathers like crazy, and smells like the most delicious honey toffee. I’ve even rubbed it on my skin in lieu of perfume! image I’ve been doing some mild redecorating at my place, and decided that I would put a few of my most favorite pair of shoes on display. It’s an unabashedly girly move, I must say. image

I’m a shameless hoarder of shopping bags. This wouldn’t really be problematic, except for the things I buy that live in these bags. I originally needed some very practical things at Lush, which then turned into me raiding the sale section at J.Crew. I like to leave my new things in the bags for as long as possible, to preserve that “newness.” Does anyone else do this?

Until next time!


Five Things

Hello all!

Today was my first full day of work in the office, and I’ve decided to celebrate a job well done with a fresh batch of brownies. I was a bit worried about how my week would pan out, and I’m pleasantly surprised. Sure, I’m busy, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable- in fact, it’s sort of nice. I commuted by ferry into San Francisco today, which is a wonderful way to decompress both before and after work. And, thanks to my brownie adventure, I’ve also discovered another big perk of living alone: no one is around to see your batter-covered face lick the whisk. It’s one of those things you know is 800 kinds of wrong as you do it, but that certainly doesn’t stop you.

Now that I’ve proven my adulthood through the course of the day (Emails! Phone calls! Unburnt dinner!), I’m looking forward to sharing this last week’s Five Things with you, dear readers. Off we go!


The last throwback photo from the San Francisco Ballet’s gala a few weeks ago. I love this picture I took of the flower arrangements adorning each bar. They guaranteed that you always had something pretty to look at while waiting for your glass of prosecco.


I allowed myself one coffee break during the day, so I made sure it was a good one. This Blue Bottle kiosk seems to have lines at all hours of the day, despite being tucked away in its own little niche in Hayes Valley.

IMG_3354I recently discovered a new favorite Instagram account: @iamhertribe. It’s inspirational without being schmaltzy, and I find myself relating to every post lately. Just “go dancing or something…”


One of my students gifted me these beautiful, handmade earrings last week. It was such a sweet gesture, and exactly what I needed when I was feeling less-than-stellar. The young dancers I work with have so much potential- I hope I’ll get to see what they’ll be doing with their bright futures. Good kids, all of them.


I found these new and very bright blue suede and cork wedges from DV by Dolce Vita at the local Salvation Army the other day. I took advantage of the oddly warm weather and wore them out last Saturday night with a pair skinny jeans. They made me at least a foot taller! I amused myself by hitting every crosswalk button I came across with my knee, I was that tall.

Typical Watch Me Juggle shenanigans…


Five Things

Hello all!

It’s rare that I miss a “Five Things” Wednesday. Of course, I’m typing this on Thursday, so that’s slightly embarrassing in and of itself. I’ve had quite the whirlwind of a week. That’s the best way to describe it, I’ve found. Many exciting and interesting things going on behind the scenes at Watch Me Juggle. Stay tuned for updates!

Today, I just want to share five little things that I stumbled across during the course of the chaos. Luckily, no flat tires were included!


I recently visited Monk’s Kettle in the Mission district of SF. They have a fantastic beer selection and possibly one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. I’m sure I’ll be back.


“What exactly is this a picture of?” you might ask. I decided to get a little creative and snap a shot of the illuminated dome inside city hall during last week’s San Francisco Ballet opening night after party. It’s beautiful from all angles, really.


A fabulous shirt I got as a Christmas gift from my friend, Rachel. I wore it today with pride, accompanied by wet hair and a bare face. It felt quite good.


This week, my lovely students gifted me my very first Alex & Ani bangle. It’s a mermaid, in honor of our upcoming performance. It was such a sweet gesture. I’ve worn it everyday since receiving it.


Photo c/o Foodie Fiasco.

I’m totally inspired by Foodie Fiasco’s extensive food blog. Exactly how can one make delicious cinnamon rolls in 30 minutes and with a few simple ingredients?! They really do look amazing. Join me in some kitchen experiments and try out the recipe here. I will report back!


Five Things

Hello all!

I hope your weeks are off to a good start! My weekend absolutely flew by, and I’m not entirely sure how it came to be Wednesday, but there you have it. I’ve attempted to cram as much work into this week as possible, and I do think I’ve almost succeeded. I’ve been teaching, dancing, and trying to put together a show simultaneously. Yes, it’s that time of year again: the Big Show planning has begun at my studio. This year we’re doing “The Little Mermaid,” or our version of it, anyway.  It’s been one of my favorite stories since I was little, and I’m quite excited to be able to put my own creative spin on it. Because I’ve been so busy this week, I’ve really been trying to take good care of myself during my downtime. That being said, I’m planning on having a pampering, quiet evening and going to bed early in preparation for the long Thursday ahead.

So, as always, here’s a peek at this week’s Five Things:


Remember when I said no more jewelry purchases for 2015? It’s come to the point where I’ve started stacking my rings. I’m running out of fingers, people! These are two of my favorites.


I was poking around Target the other day, and found this little book quite out of place. It felt a bit like a sign, so I picked it up and began reading it. Best. Decision. I assumed it would be horribly cheesy, but was quite the opposite. Highly recommend.


You can always count on the cute Starbuck’s baristas to brighten your day. I was joking when I told him to put this on my cup, just so you know.


I give you the ultimate lazy brunch. I planned on taking myself out for a lazy Sunday morning, and found my neighborhood coffee shop much too crowded. Voilà! Take-out waffles.

and, lastly, I was recently informed that my favorite female comedienne, Anjelah Johnson, has a few music videos. This is my absolute favorite:

If you haven’t already seen her Nail Salon stand-up check it out here.  Sometimes we just need a laugh.


Trunk Show Fun

Hello all!

My friend Sarah recently hosted a trunk show for the talented, native-Alamedan Marrin Costello. I discovered her designs this last summer (which I wrote about here), and was so excited to see more. While I haven’t been to many, trunk shows are brilliant ideas- who doesn’t love shopping with friends and a glass of bubbly?


All the shiny things!





My mother was kind enough to accompany me, and immediately bonded with Sarah’s dog, Theo. He proved to be the ultimate good sport, and tolerated us dressing him up in all the jewelry. He looks quite at ease, if anything. While I had my sights set on the ornate gold earrings pictured above, I didn’t plan on leaving with nearly as many pieces as I did. By the end, this included midi rings, a necklace, and a gold bowzer bracelet. A few were gifts, which was a lovely surprise, but the rest were, admittedly, gifts to myself. I also picked up a beautiful Italian leather wrap bracelet for my mother for Christmas, which was much more exciting to buy than the flannel pajamas she initially requested. I love the variety of Marrin’s unique designs- there’s a little something for every facet of your personality. When I’m feeling tough, or like I need a little extra back-up, I wear my spiked bracelets, usually stacked. On more delicate days, my new necklace pairs nicely with my everyday pieces. And, to instantly dress up any outfit, my new gold earrings.

In other news, I’m not allowing myself to buy any more jewelry for the majority of 2015. What about you, dear readers? Do you have jewelry designs (or a particular designer) you gravitate to? Jewelry can be such a powerful, personal thing- I think it’s important for everyone to have a little something special.


Five Things

Hey y’all!

Anyone else feeling those January blues that tend to set in after all the holidays? I sure am. It’s in that sigh when you inevitably have to go back to work. It’s in the ritual of bundling up before you go outside: hat, check; gloves, check; scarf, check. It’s hard to get into January, quite frankly. Which is why you need your good friends around to tell you you’re not crazy, and to help you unwind with the occasional cocktail. Which brings me to the very first of my “Five Things” of the week.

(Like that segue? I like to pretend I’m smooth sometimes.)


I give you: Karl the Fog. A coffee-based cocktail from Bluestem Brasserie in San Francisco. I highly recommend them the next time you find yourself in need of some refuge in the midst of all the downtown SF craziness.


I finally took my Christmas tree down yesterday, but I wanted to share my newest ornament with you, dear readers. Yes, it’s a lemon wedge. It was a gift from a friend of mine, who told me I always had the ability to make life’s lemons into lemonade. It was a sparkling nod to optimism, this silly lemon.


I know it’s not yet Thursday, but this is a throwback to the evening when my friend Kelsey and I rang in 2013. I had a lot of change in store for me, but I didn’t know it yet!


I admittedly like to take photos during the odd moment of calm in the office. Yes, it’s a cliché Starbucks cup shot! And no, that’s not how you spell my name. But, I did get a row of new little gold Bowzer spikes from the fabulous Marrin Costello!IMG_3237

Doesn’t every good family dinner end with a large bottle of the latest pre-mixed cocktail brought to you by a famous rapper? Well, mine did. A family member works for a local liquor distribution/production company, and happens to be friends with E-40. Who knew? The best part of the evening was watching his wife cajole us with lines from “My Shit Bang.” I love these people.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Buy It Yourself

Hello all!

Is it just me or does there seems to be an awful lot of pressure associated with the holidays?

Sure, it makes sense – frustrations tend to surmount at the end of the year. You have all those presents to think about, all the people you care about to please, and enough rain to make everyone drive like there must be a fifth of scotch in their car cup holders. (Side note: Californians really don’t do well with rain, do they?) Let’s not forget trying to navigate the frightening crowds of people who takeover the mall this time of year.

After seeing everyone (including myself, at times) go wacky around Christmastime, I decided that sometimes you need to be a little extra kind to yourself. Let’s face it, even when things are going great, the holidays aren’t necessarily easy to navigate. No matter how or what you celebrate, you want to do it well.

Sometimes, you just need to buy it for yourself. 




And I did!

I’m not necessarily a fan of waiting around for things to happen, so I marched myself into Tiffany’s one day and nabbed a piece I had been eyeing for quite a while. I love the contrast between the silver and the single rose gold heart. It was a bit indulgent, I must say, but I wear it everyday and I love it. I’m a firm believer in treating yourself a bit around the holidays, along with all those you care about. Let’s face it, life can be stressful sometimes, just be sure to surround yourself with beautiful people as well as a few beautiful things.