Five Things

Hello everyone!

Of course I’m not writing to you today already in my pajamas, in bed, watching horrible TLC reality shows. And I certainly didn’t do breakfast-for-dinner today either. I’m much to refined for that.

In all seriousness, I’ve heard a number of people (including myself) say that it’s been quite the crazy week. Is it the weather here in the bay area? Something in the air (besides pollen)? I don’t know. What I do know is that it doesn’t feel quite the same without my Five Things. In the meantime, I’m sitting on a number of posts that are long overdue. Remember the 20th Anniversary Smuin Ballet Gala I attended  last year? Well, yours truly worked at this year’s very same gala. I’ve also conducted my very first interview ever, and have done quite a bit of thrifting and cocktailing as well.  In the meantime, take a look at these five things from my life:


I had my first pavlova ever at my family’s Easter dinner. At first an entirely meringue-based desert seems like it might be a little bland, but I was totally wrong. Topped with lemon and berry mousse, it’s like eating delicious air. Which means negative calories, right?


I scored some fantastic seats for San Francisco Ballet’s Program 7 this week. Go check out The List, if you’re not already on it. Who can say no to $25 ballet tickets?!


While dashing through life, this beautiful rose given to me by the boss lady somehow ended up in a coffee cup. I meant for this to be only a temporary vase, but liked it so much I decided to leave it be. I can’t get over how beautiful the colors look together.


I’ve been hearing a lot about these trendy Quay Sunglasses from Australia. I snapped this selfie the other day hoping to get a friend’s opinion on them, and I must say, I quickly realized they were a little too over-sized for my pea head. I do love how unique their designs are, nonetheless.


It’s been a while since my plus-sized cat, Buttercup, found her way onto Watch Me Juggle. I believe she made her first appearance on my very first “Five Things” ever. She’s so photogenic, I’m convinced she knows exactly when a camera is near.

Until next time,


Celebrating 20 Years and One Month

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

This last weekend has been so hectic, today feels oddly like a Sunday. I’ve gotten all my necessary cleaning and errands done, and finally managed to have a bit of time free to write a recap of the last two days. In short, it was filled with ballet.

Saturday was ultimately a “work day.” I use captions here because, having worked in an oppressive corporate office for one year, my Saturday workday can be qualified as the least work-like day ever. I began my day teaching the little ones (as usual), and followed this with a quick run to San Francisco Dancewear in the East Bay to pick of a pair of pointe shoes that I had ordered. I then returned home to get ready for the highly anticipated Smuin Ballet 20th Anniversary Gala. 20 years! And I get to work for them! (On a sidenote: this is a ballet company I clearly admire above others, so I was beyond thrilled to be a part of their big anniversary gala). Held at the San Francisco Design Center, and boasting a beautiful set up, I arrived just in time to catch a bit of the dancers rehearsing prior to the official start time. I primarily assisted in getting the 300+ attendees registered and set up for the silent auction. It was fairly straightforward and some of the best people watching of the night, which honestly distracted me at times. For the most part, everyone was beautifully and impeccably dressed. But, I must say that blue eyeshadow and glitter eyeliner does not and should not fly after the age of 11, and is never black tie appropriate. Aside from that faux pas, I saw some gorgeous Valentino and Alexander McQueen little numbers. I admired a woman who had let her waist length hair go naturally silver, topped it with a black fascinator and delicately beaded cap-sleeve bolero. I want to be as stylish as her when I’m older.

Following the silent auction, there was a performance featuring a little bit of everything Michael Smuin, dinner was served, a live auction was held, and the night ended with the live band playing and an open dance floor. The evening meal was provided by McCalls Catering and consisted of a spring pea gazpacho and ceviche starter; braised short ribs on a bed of barley risotto; and a little flourless chocolate cake-thing topped with raspberry sorbetto and chili sauce. I tell you all this because it was delicious.  I had to dash out early to meet a friend in another part of town, but the whole evening was so lovely.


The front desk, a view of the main stage, and Allen, the boss man. He’s officially the Patron Services Manager, but more friend than anything. I considered it part of my duty to provide him hugs when it looked like he was too stressed. He in turn insisted that I drink additional glasses of wine when I was done working. A good boss.


The view from my workstation. (My apologies for the awful computer glare)


Let me preface this by saying these did not both belong to me, and yes, this is still my workstation. Alternately: this is how everyone’s desk should look at the end of a successful day at the office.


Some of the fabulous auction prizes: Shannon Hurlburt’s tap shoes, a signed Smuin Ballet sweatshirt, the now Artistic Director’s signed pointe shoes, and copious fine bottles of wine.


The radiant Erin Yarbrough and Josh Reynolds performing a pas de deux from “Frankie and Johnny;” making it look easy.  This was one of my very favorites. I’m also going to take this moment to say that she trained me. That lovely lady right there. I know her, and am a big fan.


You know you’re at a fancy event when the bathroom sinks are filled with gardenias. It smelled amazing, but I believe everyone felt guilty running the tap over these delicate things.


What I wore! In the bathroom! There never seemed an appropriate time to ask anyone to take a picture, so I snuck a quick one in. I insist on being fully independent, so you get to look at my phone in every picture that I take of myself. Sorry!

IMG_0963Illuminated tulips served as the centerpieces to every table- very unique.

This was all just one evening; my Sunday consisted of some additional celebrations, namely my mother’s birthday and our attending a San Francisco Ballet matinee together. I promise I will elaborate later on this week. I would also like to take a moment and acknowledge my 50th post on Watch Me Juggle! I blogged every single weekday of February, and with this post, I’ve finally made it to number 50. It seems like no time at all, and I fully intend on continuing to post everyday! Thank you all for reading up to this point, and thank you for all your wonderful support. I would have never thought that I could write about my life and have so many people appreciate it. It’s really a great feeling.

Lots of love, from me,