Five Things

Hello all!

Five Things! Five Things! It’s time for Five Things. Not four, not six, FIVE. Can you tell that I’ve had some strong coffee today!? Surely the cookies haven’t helped much either. (Fun fact: I once accidentally published a “Five Things” with only four images. I always count before I publish now.) Even though my collection of Five Things is something I regularly post about, I sometimes struggle with finding a solid variety in my images. I’m the kind of foodie who enjoys snapping photos before an amazing meal, just so I can look back at it and reminisce. I know I’m not the only one. This, of course, leaves me with copious amounts of food pictures on my phone, and not too many pictures of my actual life. So, please enjoy pictures of some things that I ate and enjoyed recently, interspersed with some other life “things.”


I’ve become oddly fascinated with the Trouble Coffee Co. in West Oakland. It’s such a unique spot, and I’ve determined that their cinnamon toast must have some sort of crack in it. It’s that good. I recently took a friend of mine there and he was fascinated by the how pristine and white the whole cafe was. A little disarming, but lovely nonetheless.

FullSizeRender (7)

*cue sassy, hand on hip dressing room pose*

The above outfit is brought to you by Athleta. Think you can only wear your yoga clothes to the gym? Think again! I popped this outfit on for work and fancy dinner, and was oh-so-comfortable. I’m loving their Destination Wide Leg Pants so much I might buy another pair.


The boss lady and I have the occasional ritual of visiting our favorite pizza joint, Hot Italian, in Emeryville after a long day of work. We always order their blood orange mimosas- they’re amazing!


As some of you might already know, I have a bit of a dry shampoo dependence. I’ve tried all kinds of brands, but my favorite has to be Batiste. They come in a great variety of fragrances (my favorite are the cherry and “wild” leopard print ones!), and really do give your second-day-hair that necessary boost.


My final food snap of the week is of this amazing spinach and shrimp risotto from one of my favorite local restaurants. I’m pretending that the puddle on the far left is broth, as opposed to a puddle of butter.

Yes, it was all delicious.


Five Things

Hello everybody!

Is it almost February, already?! I’m sure I would almost completely forget if it wasn’t for the fact that a literal “Super Bowl City” is being built right in the middle of my SF commute. It’s quite a sight, but I don’t anticipate ever seeing it in its entirety. As much as I love my city, I’m not one to brave massive, crazed crowds during the weekend just so I can see Chris Issak or Alicia Keys from 2 miles away. Now, if they were performing a club in Las Vegas, that might be a different story…

Luckily, in anticipation of being somewhat housebound these next two weekends, I’ve been doing a bit of extra exploring lately. This week’s Five Things is just a little glimpse at what I’ve been up to…


There’s a Whole Foods up the road from my office that I like to frequent. I can’t help but peruse all the pretty cakes in the pastry cases whenever I’m there. On my last visit I found this little “Fancy Cupcake” guy. He’s almost too cute to eat!


I was doing a bit of shopping in the East Bay over the weekend, and I was gifted these lovely flowers from Tumbleweed Floral Truck. They certainly helped perk up my house during these last few rainy days.


I have an incredible soft spot for Lush, and had to stop in to pick up some of their latest limited edition Valentine’s Day products. The boss lady and I used to joke that Lush should construct its own break-up worthy line of products, perfect for perking up your friends when they experience a bit of heartbreak. So, I was so excited to see a new Wash That Man Right Out of my Hair shower gel. Bye, Felipe!


I finally managed to treat myself to a long-anticipated manicure the other day. While I initially was hoping for something like this, I ended up with a neutral, sparkly ombre nail instead. I’ve really been enjoying them lately.


Photo c/o FashionUnited

I have a new shopping obsession: Kit and Ace. Founded by family members of the founder of Lululemon, Kit and Ace boats beautifully constructed, well…what I like to call “grown-up clothes.” Everything they offer is quite simple, with touches of rose gold detailing here and there. I very much want to get my hands on some of their super-soft technical cashmere tops and dresses.

Until next time!


More Uses for September Vogue

Hello everyone!



Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this blog is going to be about exactly what you think it’s about. If you’re a fashion consumer, fashion photography buff, or voracious ad reader (anyone?) you know that the yearly September issue of Vogue is quite something to behold. Each year, I enjoy flipping through this phone book-sized, 500+ page magazine. Some people, however, may not appreciate the fact that they’re now saddled with what feels like seven pounds of very fashionable paper. A friend of mine recently visited, looked at the magazine sitting on my bed and wondered out loud “Oh my god…why is that Vogue so big?” It’s big because I’m extra special, and I obviously needed it that’s why. Sorry, not sorry.

But, what exactly does one do with this behemoth when the month is up? Sure, it’s technically still in season, and I’ve flipped through it more than a few times, but there just has to be more to it than this. So, I decided to make the most of my September issue of Vogue and re-purpose it a few (albeit not the most traditional) ways. Here are some of the things I’ve managed to use my giant Vogue for!

A manicure station

As you can see, it makes for a great set up! I’m the kind of single-gal that likes to paint her nails in bed, usually while watching horrible television. The trouble is, it’s often quite hard to balance those bottles of polish with one hand while attempting to paint with the other. I’ve (quite embarrassingly) spilled polish all over myself doing this before. Enter Vogue and voilà! You now have a stable work surface that can go anywhere you do!

A TV tray

Like to snack while watching the latest on Netflix? Tired of getting crumbs everywhere or spilling your drinks? Well, no need to worry any longer if you have a September issue of Vogue! It can balance your morning breakfast and coffee in a heartbeat, too. If you’re feeling particular ambitious, you can open it up and have a read while eating!

A bar

This use is very similar to the last I listed. Although quite different. Because no one actually wears those hats with the beers attached to them. Be normal and put your beer down on the giant magazine propped up on your duvet.

A bed “paperweight” 

This is perhaps my most/least creative use for my Vogue. What, exactly, is a “bed paperweight”? Maybe I’m a rather odd human in that I sometimes feel like my lovely, full size bed is “too big.” Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to lie diagonally across my bed with my arms and legs spread out like a starfish, but sometimes I want to roll myself up as tightly in the covers as possible. If you’re the kind of person that flails about in your sleep, put that Vogue next to you. You’ll have some lovely, before-bed reading material, and you won’t find yourself hanging off the other side of your bed in the morning. That sucker is heavy- you’re not going anywhere.

A lazy desk

This is a tried and true magazine-recycling strategy. Need to write a note? Prop up your laptop to stop it from overheating? No problem! It can also replace your clipboard, however, you’ll probably need quite a bit of upper body strength to carry this thing around one-handed for any period of time.

A pillow

Really, Eva? A pillow? Yes. I only say this because after one long and particularly stressful day, I found myself lying around and attempting to read my Vogue; 2 hours later, I woke up with my face pressed against the shiny cover. It’s surprisingly inviting in a pinch.

Or you know, you could just recycle it like a normal person, but where’s the fun in that?

Just saying.


Just a Smile

Hello everyone!

Today, I wanted to write about something that has preoccupied me for some time. To be completely honest, I’ve been a bit frightened to publish this particular post, because it focuses on something I’ve been incredibly self-conscious about for a really, really long time: my teeth.

To make a long story short, when I was seven I slipped and fell while dancing on my great aunt’s slick kitchen floor in Austria, knocking one of my front teeth completely out. Approximately 3 years later, I fell again, and damaged the neighboring tooth. Since then, I’ve spent over 5 years in braces, had two root canals, two tissue graft surgeries, a tooth extraction, a bone graft, and a new tooth implanted. Between that and interesting genetics that left me with an additional missing tooth, I’ve never been entirely happy with my smile.  It’s always been far from perfect, and, on top of that, I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life living with what I jokingly referred to as my “party trick” tooth:


And a smile that looked like this:


To say I was self-conscious about it was an understatement.

Even with the fake teeth, I hated looking at photos of myself and seeing the gap and mismatched color of my teeth. I never took the retainer out of my mouth, except to sleep, and, even then, only my good friends had seen me entirely without it. When I traveled, or had an important event, I lived in fear that the retainer would break, and that I would suddenly be without a tooth. It’s quite literally the stuff of nightmares, having your teeth falling out of your head. When I was living with my college roommates, I broke my retainer, or flipper as it’s often called, eating a piece of pizza. I knew I had wonderful friends when, between getting me to laugh uncontrollably in the midst of a rather horrifying situation, they were fully prepared to trek to the local drugstore on their bikes to buy me a tube of Fixodent until I made it to the dentist. They also indulged me when I began to insist that I be photographed from one particular side, as I joked “That’s the side with all my real teeth!”

After years of surgeries and continuous poking around in my mouth, I was both tired and slightly afraid to step into another dentist’s office. My smile has always been a work in progress, but, recently I decided to be both more proactive and optimistic, and go back to the dentist. It’s still a work in progress, but now my smile looks like this:

FullSizeRender (4)

(Forgive the grainy, post-work-out photo. Look at that smile!)


I had always hoped that one day that my smile would be better. It seems like such a trivial thing, really. I feel fortunate for having so many positive things in my life, on some days, having perfect teeth seemed almost too much to ask. When I was handed the mirror at the end of my most recent dentist appointment, I was startled, and perhaps not in a good way. I had, for so long, resigned myself to the fact that I was the girl who had two fake, gappy, mismatched teeth. I suddenly happy and slightly uncomfortable with my new look, all at the same time. Now that I’ve gotten a little more used to them, I couldn’t be happier. I still have quite a way to go over the next few months, and I’ll keep documenting my progress. In the meantime, I have plenty to smile about.


The Things Women Do to Themselves

Hello everyone!

I’ve written about beauty-type things on Watch Me Juggle here and there. As a few of you know, I’ve been semi-blonde for a few years now, and just about once a year, I have a major hair “overhaul.” It’s five hours of pulling, parting, teasing, bleaching, and then detangling the whole mess. I try not to fall asleep, and often end up helping my hairstylist, who is meticulous to a fault.

IMG_3980 (1)

This is the face of good, blonde hair. I try to tell myself that breathing is secondary- it’s the perfect place for a nap, really.


In my delirium, I thought that this selfie would be a good idea. All those bleach fumes and having at least 4 pounds of foil weighing down my scalp must have impeded my judgement.

IMG_3985 (1)

The final product. I kept touching my hair and tossing it around like an idiot. Apparently sitting still for 5 hours while someone literally paints individual strands of your hair is worth feeling like a Disney princess.

IMG_4011 (1)

Things like this make me think about the things that women voluntarily do to themselves, usually on a regular basis. When think about these things in a different context, they really do sound insane. Things like:

  • Gluing individual hairs to each of our eyelashes to make them look longer
  • Having our faces covered in tattoos just so we can #iwokeuplikethis
  • Wearing shoes so incredibly painful that the soles of your feet blister
  • Voluntarily pouring hot wax on our faces/legs/everywhere in order to rip out all our hair
  • Clipping other people’s hair onto our head in strips and pretending that it’s ours
  • Routinely applying acid to our faces so we can look younger and “dewy”
  • Using an overpriced pencil to draw on the inside of your eyelids

Gentlemen, have you ever touched the inside of your eyelid? Overall, it’s really not an enjoyable feeling.

But, you know what? Five hours later we’re going to emerge from the salon and mentally justify all the time and money we spent in there. Oddly enough, it’s not a tricky justification to make. We all have things that we enjoy investing in, whether it be a special pair of shoes or a spa treatment, what might not be deemed “necessary” to someone might make all the difference in the world to another. It might make you feel more confident, happier, whatever! There’s something special about allowing yourselves to indulge in some of these completely ridiculous rituals.  Believe it or not, I so look forward to the whole process of having my hair done. I walk in feeling slightly dilapidated, usually in sweats or an old shirt, and can leave with Victoria Secret angel hair. Not everyone will notice the newness of your hair, or your eyelashes or smooth skin, but they will notice the confidence boost it gives you. A lot of us can’t stop talking about Kylie Kardashian’s enhanced lips, or Hilary Duff’s veneered teeth, or some other celebrity’s butt. Seriously? Not everyone is going to understand you or your style, heck, I had someone scoff at my hair the day after I had it done. Long story short, if it makes you happy, no matter how crazy it might seem, go for it. You do you, ladies.

I’m blonde now!


Five Things

Hey all!

Welcome to Five Things, the vacation version! Even though it’s been a while since I’ve gone on a legitimate vacation outside of California, but my pictures lately certainly make me feel like I’ve gone on my share of adventures lately. You could also think of this week’s Five Things as a visual vacation- I like to think of chocolates,wine, and the beach when I need a zen moment.

Commence relaxation in 3, 2, 1…

IMG_3867 (1)

I can’t get over the color of the water by Santa Barbara’s East Beach. It was also so clear, you could see the kelp forests coming up through the water.


I visited Mumm Napa for the first time recently. It’s set up just like a restaurant, with groups of tables and assigned servers, except the only thing on the menu is sparkling wine. So, it’s pretty much my favorite new place. I’m contemplating being a real adult and joining their wine club.

FullSizeRender (2)

Photo c/o

I’m excited to give my hair a much-needed cut, and a little extra blonde to get me through the summer. Adorable Brit blogger, Zoella, has been my go-to for ombré hair inspiration.


This beautiful piece of art hangs in the entryway of Hall winery, and is made entirely of vintage beaded costumes and sweaters. It’s quite large (floor to ceiling) and stunning in person.


I fell in love with the chocolate case at Dean and Deluca this last weekend. While I have no problem eating entire boxes of chocolates in one sitting, I couldn’t imagine eating one of these beautifully detailed little marzipan animals!

Happy almost-Thursday!


Five Things

Hi everyone!

Five Things has quickly become the milepost of my week, that and Jenna Marbles’ videos, the joys of  Wednesday!  This week has been an interesting one, punctuated with sighs from yours truly. It’s a funny thing that I’ve noticed about myself lately. Whenever I find I have a lot on my mind, or if I’m feeling down-in-the-dumps, I’ll let out a big sigh. I didn’t notice it until recently, when the woman sitting next to me on my day-to-day commute started looking at me oddly. I get so preoccupied sometimes I think I forget to take deep breaths. Does this happen to any of you, dear readers? Like many things, I guess it could be worse.

I digress, as always, but Five Things means that there are pictures of puppies and/or cocktails that have come to save the day! Let’s get to it…


I’ve been mildly fascinated with the Parisian-style macaroons at Chantal Guillon in San Francisco, as of late. I really enjoy all the creative flavors, and will one day need to find an excuse to buy a whole box full. They sure are pretty to look at.


Photo c/o PopSugar

I’ve been fascinated with these trendy Flash tattoos as of late. I’m just dying to get my hands on pack and go completely overboard. It’s like semi-permanent jewelry! I can just imagine myself teaching ballet class in a leotard and entirely gold arms. As if my students don’t think I’m quirky enough already…


Adventures of Maddie the Dog return. In this episode, Maddie enjoys being tucked in while simultaneously taking up the whole couch. Bless her, she’s a funny one.


My girlfriends and I discovered another quintessentially hipster bar in downtown Oakland over the weekend. We had a hard time finding the Double Standard, but enjoyed it once we got past the rather foreboding, graffiti covered entrance.


Meanwhile, I introduced the boss lady to some of the finer points of Pinterest, and her pinning enthusiasm has worn off on me. You can find my Pinterest boards here. hey’re a work in progress, and I sense quite a bit more to come! My personal favorite has to be my “Notable Quotes. Quotable Notes” board- it’s where I keep the simple quote above.  It’s a beautiful reminder that everyone needs now and again.

Until next time,


Five Things

Hi all!

If you’re relatively new to Watch Me Juggle, there’s a distinct pattern here you might notice. Every week, usually on a Wednesday, I like to do a little post called “Five Things.” Originally inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Cupcakes and Cashmere, these generally feature five glimpses into my life. Glimpses of things that have caught my eye, made me laugh, or made me think- sometimes a combination of all three. Oh, and also “Five Things” sometimes turns into a stream-of-consciousness post that contains everything that possibly comes to mind at the moment. Makes sense, right? We all have to put those things somewhere.

 This week’s “Five Things” contains a little bit of everything from my many moments out and about. So.. let’s get to it!


In the wake of the big gala I helped organize at work, I took myself out for a little mani-pedi. I’m the worst when it comes to committing to a color (it’s embarrassing how long it takes me, really), so, I thought it was only appropriate to do a ballet-themed manicure. The two colors pictured are from OPI: I Love Applause, topped with Pirouette My Whistle. Maybe it’s totally crazy, but it made me happy!


On my way to work one afternoon, I decided to treat myself to a little Pinkberry. I don’t tend to vary my toppings up too much. I’m a fan of the chocolate-strawberry combination, if you couldn’t already tell! it turned out so beautifully, I had to be a ridiculous girl and take a picture of my yogurt. Again, embarrassing behavior, I know…


(Excuse my scary dancer feet- they’re not as bad as they used to be!)

My sore feet and I finally caved and bought some “practical” shoes at the Nordstrom triple point sale this last weekend. These are the Silver and Pearl White Gizeh sandals from Birkenstock. I ended up buying the white and love how comfortable they are!


Deal of the day! Nordstrom has been featuring these exclusive, pre-set Mac Pro-palettes lately. If I didn’t already own more eyeshadow than I knew what to do with, I would have absolutely snatched this beautiful, neutral palette up.


There’s a new trend beginning in restaurants: tip-included dining. I experienced this first-hand on my visit to Bar Agricole in San Francisco over the weekend. Carefully-crafted cocktails and a rustic food menu make it well worth a trip. Pictured above is their signature brandy “Sleepyhead” cocktail. Brady, champagne, ginger and mint- delicious!


Five Things

Hello all!

This week I have a slightly thematic Five Things lined up. That’s right, it’s Five Things: The San Diego addition.


We were all sitting in a circle chatting, as you do, and my girlfriend Brooke very effortlessly busted out this incredible braided hairstyle. I watched her do it, and still have no idea how it’s done. A bit of braid-inspiration for your day!


My friend Devyn and I spent our last day in San Diego enjoying gelato from Pappalecco’s in lieu of a proper lunch. I had strawberry and the signature pappalecco gelato, which is a combination of chocolate and crushed amaretti cookies. My only regret was that I didn’t get a bigger cup…


A view of the USS Midway just next to Seaport Village. Californians are so spoiled; I still can’t believe this was a beautiful February day.


Look at all this beautiful pasta I found at the Mona Lisa Deli in Little Italy! Never seen striped Farfalle quite like that before. Seems a shame to cover it up with sauce…

and, lastly, if you need a good laugh.

My friend Rachel was having a particularly stressful day at work the other day, which she and a few coworkers remedied by watching ridiculous Youtube videos. I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed so hard. Sometimes a good laugh is all you need.


Everyday is Valentine’s Day

Hello all, and Happy Sunday!

I hope many of you out there are out and about, enjoying your long President’s Day weekend. Earlier I jokingly tweeted that “I think I’m going to have to re-name my blog to ‘Watch Me Watchtoomuchrealitytv, Drinktoomuchcoffee & Shop online.'” Which is pretty much all I’ve done with my day thus far. It’s quickly become my pattern on Sundays, I start out with ambitious plans, only to laze about at home for a good five hours sustained only by coffee. Seeing as my Saturdays tend to be the day I get everything done, whether it be socializing, cleaning, or running necessary errands, I’ve come to enjoy the low-key start to my week.

Seeing as this last Saturday was Valentine’s Day, however, I took full advantage of the holiday with a little Valentine’s-themed shopping and dining. What started out as running routine errands quickly turned into a chocolate and handbag buying adventure. Which, let’s face it, is an all too typical event in my life.


I fell in love with this “Ballet bag” from Sam & Libby. I’ve been looking for a great tote bag to give my Longchamps Le Pliage a break, and this one fit the bill. It even has a little zip compartment at the bottom specifically made for your flats. Brilliant! I also picked up Essie’s iconic nailpolish in Fiji, and a few truffles from See’s.


I got many a homemade Valentine from my students this week. So sweet- they were my favorite by far.


These lovely tulips were waiting for me at my doorstep in the evening. A nice surprise.


And, lastly, Valentine’s day wouldn’t be complete without an homage to my boyfriend: coffee. I finally managed to pick up one of these witty coffee mugs at Target. I had my morning coffee in it today, with my Royal Apothic Hot House Peonie candle making my house smell amazing. ‘Twas a good day. Especially when I decided to smile extra big at the scruffy bakery guy and he doubled my order. I’m a big believer in paying it forward. If someone brightens your day, take it upon yourself to brighten someone else’s. Make everyday a little bit special- like Valentine’s Day.