Five Things

Hey all!

Remember last week when I said that my Five Things was the place where all the random things of my life go to live on the internet? Well, while I was getting this week’s post together, I realized a pattern I seemed to have. Just take a fancy looking cocktail, something cute (preferably a puppy), and something I bought this week, and voilà! You have Watch Me Juggle. I might be horribly predictable, but I’d like to think I’m fun nonetheless.

I tried to mix it up a bit this week…see, no cocktail picture! But I did run around San Francisco and go shopping- gradual change is good.


I’ve been keeping an eye out for everything mermaid-related lately, seeing as we’re performing our own rendition of The Little Mermaid for this year’s “Big Show.” This shirt from H&M made me laugh.


So, my singular Alex & Ani bangle was looking awfully lonely. My latest edition is the “Love” bangle. Pretty self explanatory- I love jewelry with a little message.


I spend an awful lot of time attending ballets at the SF Opera House, and, hence, I spend an awful lot of time looking at the City Hall building. It’s quite beautiful, though. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I was recently at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts for work and had to take a photo (albeit a blurry one…can’t wait for a new camera!) of this statue in the lobby. It’s beautiful, and always catches my eye.


I’ve been really loving I Am Her Tribe on Instagram as of late. I find their posts inspiring, and not overly schmaltz-y. They’re a great combination of both the serious and the light-hearted. Go check them out!


The Loot

Hello everyone!

Life has been crazy, as usual. Today I write to you after a late night commute, culminating in a breakfast-for-dinner concoction that I’m very proud of. I cannot praise frozen vegetables enough; if you have them in your freezer, along with some eggs, you’ll always have a filling, ready-to-go meal. In case you haven’t noticed, many of my blogs are introduced by an assortment of random facts, or a summation of my current state, which is also always random. Many of you may have noticed that I celebrated my birthday this last Tuesday, and, continuing with the “Forever Young” theme, I plan on celebrating this entire week. Here’s a little glimpse of some of the related festivities thus far.


It’s been a longtime tradition for beauty and fashion bloggers to include “hauls” in their repertoire. I guess you couldn’t necessarily classify some good, old-fashioned birthday shopping as a “haul,” so I deem this the birthday “loot.”


The Fit ‘n Flare dress is from Banana Republic- here. They had a fantastic sale last weekend and it was too lovely to pass up. I was gifted some DV by Dolce Vita shoes, which were also a great find. They paired wonderfully with my favorite black leather jacket. Yes, this was my birthday outfit, and I felt very chic in it. Unfortunately, I was in too much of hurry to take the requisite selfies of myself that day.


The Clubmaster-style sunglasses and my favorite leopard scarf are not new, but I couldn’t help but include them in my photo. I was visually brainstorming outfits, and these staples couldn’t not be included. They are from Madewell and H&M, respectively. While wandering through Nordstrom, my mother and I perused the MAC counter, and I found my favorite new lipstick: Peach Blossom; as well as a fabulous mineralize eyeshadow duo in Spiced Metal. I’ve been wearing these almost nonstop since she treated me to them. Thanks mom! Additional newer items pictured are a refill of one of my favorite perfumes, Unconditional Love by Philosophy, in addition to a little something in a special blue box. The contents of which are pictured below:


Every woman should have exquisite and simple pieces that she can wear everyday, and that will live on her nightstand every night. Seeing as I survived my “scary age” birthday, I certainly have something to show for it. This little necklace is something I’ve wanted for a really long time. I’ve gotten so many compliments, and I’m hardly willing to take it off at the end of the day.

I hope, like me, the voyeur in you enjoyed my first ever “loot” post. Perhaps one day soon I’ll have another!


Five Things

Hello All! It’s time for Five Things…Wednesday? It doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it as Five Things Friday, but it’s a start.

And, because it’s been one of those weeks, we’re going to start with this:

IMG_0444(Prosecco & a Garden Gimlet. Because we’re classy broads.)

slide_284089_2285020_free(One of my favorite quotes ever. I believe…)

IMG_0363(My new favorite hat. I will be a hat person this fall.)

And yes…I am aware the colors clash horribly, but sometimes you have to take a selfie when separated from your friends in what seems to be the world’s largest H&M. How else are you going to show them the cool things you find?!


(My favorite album of the moment. Blaring through my headphones on repeat.)


(And a puppy. My puppy. Someone just needs to go find him for me.)

Gotta love those brachycephalic dogs.