Five Things

Hello All!

Today’s post is inspired by the lovely Cupcakes and Cashmere, a blog I avidly follow that’s the ideal combination of LA style and simplicity. Every week, I’ll feature five things that make me smile. Straightforward enough right? Let’s get to it!

(Jose Gonzales- Heartbeats)

I love love love this video. Something right out of child’s imagination, but even better because it features lovely San Francisco.


(Beautiful little IKEA candle holder, now doubling as a home for my favorite jewelry)


(Dahlias. Many many Dahlias from the local Farmer’s Market. )


(Vivienne Westwood shoes)

Yes, a beautiful impulse purchase. 100% recycled material & they smell like bubblegum.  Seriously…..smell them. The adult equivalent of jellies.


(My most favorite, Buttercup)

I have recently dubbed her “Peanut Buttercup,” as this seems most appropriate for her size. Loving life, obviously.

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