Five Things

Hello All! It’s time for Five Things…Wednesday? It doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it as Five Things Friday, but it’s a start.

And, because it’s been one of those weeks, we’re going to start with this:

IMG_0444(Prosecco & a Garden Gimlet. Because we’re classy broads.)

slide_284089_2285020_free(One of my favorite quotes ever. I believe…)

IMG_0363(My new favorite hat. I will be a hat person this fall.)

And yes…I am aware the colors clash horribly, but sometimes you have to take a selfie when separated from your friends in what seems to be the world’s largest H&M. How else are you going to show them the cool things you find?!


(My favorite album of the moment. Blaring through my headphones on repeat.)


(And a puppy. My puppy. Someone just needs to go find him for me.)

Gotta love those brachycephalic dogs.

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