Five Things!

Hello Everybody!!

It’s Five things time again. Yes, time to see the collection of random things I’ve amassed over the week and documented on my phone. Off we go:


(No. 10: Everything & Nothing. My new perfume acquisition)

Smells like sweet orange, pressed petals, desert moss and tea leaves. So unique.


(A new drink discovery)

Almond water- essentially an Afghan dessert in a glass. Delicious!


(World’s tiniest Gummy Bears)

Courtesy of one of my students. Straight from their own Halloween loot. They know they’re my favorite. 

1044644_281277818684432_1278363257_n(This is the part of my blog where there’s two cocktails!)

The jalapeño infused”Rosa Picante” on the right, from Redwood Room.


(And a bit of silliness)

The above gif is my general reaction to a complement. I am an unabashed dork. Just saying.

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