Five New Things

Hello everyone!

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means: Five Things. Today, with a twist. Featuring five new things from this past Valentine’s weekend. I admittedly almost published this post moments ago with only four things on it. Wednesdays are occasionally hard for me. Between writing and brushing up on my middle school math (that’s over 10 years ago, everyone) my brains are fried. I’m a dancer, after all. We only count to eight, and then we start over. Just saying.


(Yellow roses: brightening up my room and work space as I type.)


I’ve been eating all of the emergency food out of my cupboard lately, and forcing myself to be creative with recipes. I’ve been making crepes quite a lot lately- it’s a breakfast that’s incredibly simple (in terms of ingredients) and feels indulgent. I’ve also been enjoying drinking my morning coffee out of my Valentine’s mug from Target. I’m not entirely sure why the cup of tea is so keen on using coffee puns, but whatever floats your boat.


I announced to my good friend Rachel: “All I want for Valentine’s Day is take my shoes off and have a margarita.”

We somehow ended up at Chevy’s and it was fabulous.


(An awfully festive San Francisco city hall. We have the best looking city hall. Hands down.)


(The sign outside of Thirsty Bear Brewing Co. in downtown SF. Clearly in the spirit of romance.)

Happy Wednesday everyone! Now go forth and do exciting things!



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