Weekend Discoveries

Hello everyone!

I daresay I’ve missed you all this weekend! I’ve been in quite the routine blogging just about everyday, so taking Saturdays and Sundays off somehow seems like an eternity. It’s been serving me well, because I get to go out and have the many experiences that I share with you here. Speaking of which, this last Saturday I got to go to the monthly Treasure Island Flea Market for the first time. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised.  Aside from the beautiful views of the city, there was an abundance of parking (because you never know with being near San Francisco and all), as well as an abundance of people to watch and treasures to find. Hooray for two of my favorite pastimes in one!











What do you get when you combine food trucks and a flea market free-for-all? A good time by my standards, that’s what!

There was a band, a full bar serving cocktails around every corner (the Moscow Mules were delicious!), adorable dogs, and young hipsters in their hipster costumes as far as the eye could see. I spent perhaps the majority of my time there wandering about, taking in all the sights. They tout themselves as a dog and family friendly event, and they were not kidding. We brought Maddy along, but unfortunately she was terribly overwhelmed by everything and not quite herself. It’s strange to think that such a large dog is scared of so many little things. On top of the delicious food and drink, I found some brand new Kate Spade espadrilles and a beautiful print ad from 1929 advertising costume jewelry. Evidently at that time you could buy quality pearls for $8.50.  It was clearly a social event for many of the young people there, which was amusing, to say the least. Hoards of them marched around in their Ray Ban sunglasses and carefully planned outfits, chit-chatting with each other as if it was last-call at Elbo Room. I saw so many inspiring things, I was tempted to return for the “show” on Sunday. I’ll be back next month, without a doubt.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did this past weekend! I’ll see you at the next flea market.



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