Watch Me Bake

Hello all!

I have been a long time follower of food blogs. Some of my most favorite recipes have come from the  Smitten Kitchen, and many of us know the lovely Ree Drummond of The Pioneer Woman. I so admire these ladies and their ability to create original recipes, something that I, despite the joy I find in cooking and baking, have never really attempted before. It goes without saying that I’m not counting my childhood forays in to creating my own cookie recipe which resulted in something resembling chocolate chip bread lumps. I have been far more conservatively creative since then. This morning, I attempted to document my own baking adventures, involving a box of questionable cupcake mix. And by questionable I mean that no grown adult would ever attempt to make something so ridiculous.

Step one involved coffee. As in, I needed coffee before attempting to follow any kind of instructions.

IMG_1149Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Watermelon cupcakes.


Step 2: Prepping the work space. Luckily I have an abnormal surplus of cupcake tin liners.


Mixing all the ingredients. It somewhat resembled a science experiment gone awry. And yes, the batter did smell  disturbingly like watermelon.



The pouring of the batter is undoubtedly the hardest part. There was some fallout.



IMG_1158I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but some batter ended up on my floor. Yikes.


After pouring the pink slime, er, cupcake batter, they simply went in the oven for 17 minutes and



We have our watermelon cupcakes!


For the final touch, of course Betty Crocker created a matching watermelon frosting. Also watermelon flavored and very reminiscent of Bubblicious watermelon gum.


Frosting my slightly deformed cupcake that I may or may not have accidentally stuck my finger in. Since I intend to bring these beauties to dinner at a friend’s house, I figured I could reserve the less than perfect cupcakes for a taste test.

IMG_1168The end result! The taste is quite interesting, and vaguely watermelon-like. I now have 24 of these cupcakes at my disposal. Luckily, these are being served as dessert for a weekly Taco Tuesday dinner. I say luckily because I feel like the taste of these will vastly be improved with the addition of  tequila.

Ridiculous or not, simply looking at them makes me happy.

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone!



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