Las Vegas Adventures

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I made it back alive.

I’m back to the adult world of bills and errands. And it’s raining. I’m trying not to be too sad about it, and part of me is genuinely glad. I can now do socially acceptable things like sleep, buy a Starbuck’s latte for under $4, and re-hydrate. Despite my previous post on what to bring to Vegas, I found myself failing to heed my own advice. Yes, ibuprofen was needed. Did I bring some? Of course not! I would also like to add that, should one be spending anytime poolside, remember to bring a hat and a lip balm with SPF protection. My scalp and lips are somewhat dry today, to say the least. I somehow forgot that Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert, and is therefore very hot and dry.

Unfortunately, this go-around my good friend Susie came down with appendicitis right before she was scheduled to leave. While we were incredibly sad to have not been able to see her this last weekend, we were so relieved that she was with her family, had access to a hospital and could get the best treatment possible. In other news, this means another trip to Las Vegas is being planned for the year. While I would very much like to respect the age-old adage that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” some things are too exciting to not share. Rachel and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to our social life in the Bay Area, but we have somehow not ever made it to Vegas together. I was glad we could finally remedy that, and took a few nice photos to document our trip. Meanwhile Rachel, who always thinks on her feet, took some blackmail-worthy photographs and videos of yours truly. Which is now why I must always remain friends with her. We had one hell of a time, to say the least.




This was my Monday, world. I did get a bit of a sunburn, despite re-applying sunscreen incessantly.


The infamous Chandelier in The Cosmopolitan.



Because where else would you find Liberace’s bejeweled car in the lobby of a hotel?


Fantastic chocolates at Jean Philippe Patisserie at the Aria. The more elegant side of Las Vegas.



It isn’t a vacation if you don’t have Pinkberry. On mine, you will find an assortment of children’s cereals. I’m never growing up!


This is, unfortunately, what happens when two girls have an entire hotel bathroom to themselves. Like a makeup bomb went off. Slightly embarrassing.


Did I mention that we saw Avicii DJ at XS Nightclub? Because we did. And it was amazing.

Also, Saturday night was the night that my other shoe broke while dancing. I hobbled around for the rest of the night, but it was worth it.

Ah, to be young.


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