Five Things

Hello ladies and gents!

It’s my first attempt today to post via my iPhone, so let’s hope this doesn’t go too badly! I’ve been attempting to take advantage of my week-long spring break as much as possible and have scheduled numerous tasks for myself to do: cleaning, rehearsals, pairing down the closet, etc. And while much isn’t going entirely as planned, I’ve been trying to enjoy opportunities as they come. So, without further ado, I leave you with my five things of the week!


It’s that time of the month again…time for the Treasure Island Flea Market! This go-around I had the pleasure of taking my mother, and I found this lovely, hand-stitched gem! “Love is a special way of feeling!!!!”



 A specialty cocktail with the mum on a Sunday. It’s a Ruby Red Collins, something-or-other. Filled with fresh grapefruit juice, local honey, and crushed basil, it was  so refreshing and uniquely delicious!



 Of course, what’s a Five Things post without an appearance from the Maddie-dog! She sat with her head in my lap for a good portion of our Taco Tuesday yesterday. Begging for food, as usual. Who can resist that sweet face?


This is an example of just why I love Lululemon so much. One of my favorite things to do on a day off is to try on everything that appeals to me and chat with the ‘educators.’ They’re often so fun and have fantastic insight into the local fitness community. They also can put together some really snappy outfits. Proceed with caution, or else you’ll end up leaving with a lot more fabulous activewear than you initially intended!

My last, but not least, thing is a video that I featured recently on my Facebook account. Following it’s discovery, I have watched it more times than is appropriate. Like, an embarrassing amount of times. It may or may not be running as I type this. I can’t decide who melts my heart more, the little girl, or the doting father on his pink ukulele….



Enjoy, and Happy Wednesday!



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