Five Things

Hello everyone!

It’s Five Things Wednesday again, and a beautiful day in the Bay. Despite all that, I’m wishing that I could find myself on vacation tomorrow, preferably somewhere searing hot and with a beach. I’m well aware that I’m already spoiled enough at my current job, but I can’t help the fact that I’ve been wishing that my entire life could be a perpetual vacation. I blame tax day. And also the fact that my cousin keeps posting photos of her on the beach in Hawaii. At least I can live vicariously through her on Facebook while looking at photos of my Hawaiian birthday adventures from last year. Speaking of Hawaii…


I’ve been craving this all week. An acai bowl topped with strawberries, apple bananas, honey, and coconut. Best breakfast ever. Am in awe of both the food, and how tan my hand looks.


Back in the Bay, I managed to get my hands on the The Girl & the Fig cookbook! And also this tomato that happened to be shaped like a heart. I couldn’t eat it. That’s just how I am.


I would love to be the kind of adult that owns cups with saucers. I love looking at all the mismatched patterns. It somehow works.


This is what I do at work sometimes. I’m also wearing pink tights and pointe shoes, so I clearly needed to document this rare occasion.

Once upon a time a prince asked a beautiful princess will you marry me

I love this. So much. Self explanatory.

Happy Wednesday!


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