Watch Me Juggle…on Instagram

Hello all!


I’m on the Instagram bandwagon everyone! You can now follow me @Watchmejuggle!

I can honestly say I’m surprised at how much I enjoy this app. Despite my “following” numerous people completely independent of the app itself for a long time, I had lumped this particular application in with the likes of Twitter: primarily overrun with teenagers with a penchant for over-sharing. And, yes, maybe the stereotype of Instagram being the land of selfies, coffee art, and inspirational quotes rings true, but who cares! I honestly enjoy seeing those types of pictures posted by my good friends, and I clearly enjoy participating.

Instagram brings me back to the early days of Facebook, where security settings were straightforward and profiles consisted only of albums and wall posts. Your interactions on Instagram consist only of “liking” or commenting on other users’ pictures, and “tagging” friends in photos. That’s it! And don’t get me started on the wide variety of apps out there based solely on Instagram. Not enough filters for you? Never fear, there’s apps like Photo Editor by Aviary, Afterlight, and countless others to give you more of a variety. Then of course you have your editing apps to “touch up” your photos, apps featuring overlay capabilities to add writing or those hilarious little lights you see on some photos. The possibilities are seemingly endless. If posting your photos publicly isn’t your thing, you can make your profile entirely private or simply use it as a means to follow others. There’s really no obligation to post anything yourself. On the contrary, if you have a passion for selfies go forth! You’ll now be able to bond with others over this odd social trend. Quite a fun, artistic app really.

This world is an interesting place, so why not take photos and share them? Makes sense to me…


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