Weekend Rituals

Hello everyone,





One of my favorite things to do on restless Sundays (as I’ve written about previously) is going to local farmer’s markets. Now that we’re approaching summer, I find myself earnestly looking forward to all the seasonal fruit at my favorite waterfront market in Oakland. This last run, I stocked up on stone fruit and some vine-ripened tomatoes. One thing that I can never pass up, however, are the big fragrant bunches of basil you can find for little over a dollar. Of course, I then have to think of new and creative ways to use said basil. My go-to is always a little Caprese salad, or, in this case, Caprese salad wedged in a fresh-baked ciabatta roll with a dollop of olive oil on the side for dipping. The perfect warm-weather meal, if you ask me.



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