A Way to Start the Day

Hello all!



I’m not entirely sure where today went! My writing this this evening marks the first time I’ve been home almost all day. Now on my list of things to do between catching up on my emails, errands, and favorite blogs, is a recap of one of my favorite breakfasts of all time. That’s saying quite a bit for me, since I’m wholeheartedly on the side of Team Breakfast.La Note is a Provencal French restaurant in the heart of downtown Berkeley that I’ve frequented over the years. I love the cozy atmosphere, hand painted pottery, beautiful gardens, and delicious food. Today, I opted for some cinnamon brioche pain perdu (french toast, if you’re not overly fancy, like me) topped with lavender honey. And, who doesn’t love a mocha served in an excessively large bowl? What makes this drink so special is the high quality cocoa they combine with espresso- whipped to a frothy finish, it’s the best thing you can warm your hands with first thing in the morning. I’ve celebrated many a birthday here, and it is my go-to place to bring friends for a breakfast out. Pair with your favorite scarf (hello, leopard print!) and you’ve got yourself an enjoyable start to any day. This I can vouch for.


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