Five Things

Hello everyone!

I’ve been enjoying my week’s vacation in the most passive manner possible. I’ve found it horribly refreshing to not necessarily make plans for my day, but to do whatever and go wherever the wind blows. Today’s accomplishments include giving myself an at-home chemical peel (Yikes!), making a healthy lunch, and watching Shutter Island on AMC for the fifth time this week. Yes, I know this is bizarre smorgasbord of activities. On the more normal side of things, I’m currently prepping some cherries for a lovely clafoutis I’m making this afternoon. I have fond memories of this cake from when I first made it during an unusually cloudy summer day in college. When in doubt, take on a baking project! Not only does it make you feel just a little accomplished, but you’ll have something very delicious to eat!

Speaking of delicious things..


Whenever I need a little pick-me-up, I love this pomegranate green tea by POM. It’s tart, refreshing, and sweet (with no added sugar!). Extra points to me for all the summer-y colors in this photo.


I brought a bouquet of my very favorites home with me the other day. They’re still hanging in there, but one stem is determined to forever be a bud.


Resorting to sticking your fingers in the bottoms of chocolates to determine their flavor? Never fear! That’s what the internet is for. One quick peek at the See’s Candies website and I knew exactly what I had. Apparently you can tell what you’e gonna get…


A quick glimpse of the organized quiet before the storm. We had a record number of accessories for this year’s show. They all turned out so beautifully, we can almost forget the burns we sustained accidentally hot gluing sequins to our fingers. Here’s a hint: yours truly is not inherently crafty.


My second favorite view in the world- the first being this exact view, except with the rows packed full of people. There’s nothing quite like walking out on a stage in a beautiful theater.

Happy Hump Day everyone!


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