The Best Saturdays

Hello everyone!

I had my first work-free Saturday morning this last weekend. If you can call dancing with two dozen four-year-olds work. (Yes. Yes you can.) I spent the morning with two of my girlfriends having brunch at the ferry building in San Francisco. To make things even better, each Saturday features a winding farmer’s market. You’ll find your typical, locally grown produce and flowers, but also San Francisco favorites like Blue Bottle Coffee and artisan pastries from Craftsman & Wolves.

 After a latte, a filling breakfast at Market Bar, and some healthy people watching,we braved the crowds inside the ferry building to Boulette Larder’s stand. Despite the fact that I’ve been here dozens of times, I never once sampled their infamous beignets. Covered in cinnamon, sugar, and Valrhona chocolate, they were warm little puffs of sweet air. These isn’t your traditional deep-fried rectangle covered by an inch of powdered sugar, oh no! They were entirely unique and entirely delicious. I can’t wait for next weekend so I can go back for more.


Beautiful, and rare, blue sky first thing in the morning.


Sunny faces. I would have bought some, but I still had an apartment’s worth of flowers from my show last week.


The morning isn’t complete without coffee. It’s just not.


Good food, good company. Oh, and mimosas!


Soft scrambled eggs with ricotta. Delicious!


And, voilà! The bite-sized beignets. Yummy.

Who’s coming with me next weekend? All those delicious things aren’t going to eat themselves!

One of the many reasons I so enjoy living in the Bay Area.


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