Five Things

Hello everyone!

It’s been interesting adjusting to my new work schedule, I must say. I have a new-found appreciation for all you 9-to-5’ers out there. While I’ve held my share of full time work, I was always lucky enough to have unconventional hours, that left me feeling like there was plenty of time in the day to get things done. Now, between commuting and cramming in ballet classes, I’m barely able to make it out of the house having had breakfast. So you must forgive me as my posting schedule will be rather off for the next few weeks or so. I’m getting it together, I promise! In the meantime, commuting isn’t all as bad as it’s cracked up to be, especially on those mornings I forget breakfast. I can always buy a decent cup of coffee on the ferry, and, upon reaching the ferry building in San Francisco, there’s always the Pepples Donut stand to keep you happy and full. I know, me and my doughnuts…


Pepples primarily makes organic doughnuts. Some (obviously not Californian) tourists were remarking on how doughnuts could be “organic.” “Is it like organic fruit? I’ve heard of that…there’s no pesticides in it, or something?”


Last week, my girlfriend Kate had her bachelorette party prior to whisking off to Prague for her nuptials. A few of her good friends graciously organized and hosted the party, which was beautifully done. Playing with the idea of a guest book, the bride-to-be had her guests leave kiss marks along with their well wishes on a plain matting, which she later framed as a favor. It was a really unique idea- yours truly is in the upper right hand corner. I, the faux teenager that I am, only had lipgloss, but it worked just as well and didn’t smudge!


Ladies and gents: I give to you,  my first Outfit of the Night photo! I know the lighting is horrible, and I’m in my shared apartment hallway, but whatever! My OOTN (in fashion blogger-speak) consists of a top from H&M, a black, convertible pencil dress worn as a skirt from American Apparel, the rose gold leather clutch is Marc Jacobs, and the leather station necklace from House of Harlow 1960. Not pictured are my fabulous Melissa by Vivienne Westwood pink shoes, that appeared on my very first “Five Things” feature ever. Those puppies finally got to leave the house, and I got compliments on them nonstop! They were incredibly comfortable, too!


This is what I do at work, pretty much all day. We’ve lovingly dubbed it “Pointe Shoe Alley,” and occasionally find coworkers stuck under piles of shoes there, like I was in this moment. Nothing out of the ordinary for me.

As a dancer, I think this is such a cool idea for a video, and I love the way they’ve played with the timing, slowing movement down to show their intricacies. The dancers talk about how difficult these steps are to execute, but you would never guess, judging by how unruffled they are. And that Cheshire Cat lift?! Wow. It’s a mentally challenging as much as it is physically. Try staying calm while upside down, six feet in the air. It’s not easy.

Happy Wednesday!


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