Five Things

Hello all!

Boy, it’s been an awfully productive day, and though, most unfortunately “Watch Me Juggle” took a backseat for the majority of it, I still made it back in time for this Wednesday’s weekly post! I’ve been almost completely submersed in the dance world as of late, taking on a few extra projects here and there. It’s been rewarding and a little bit exhausting as well. The one miraculous thing that happens when I find myself busy, however, is that I always manage to make time for the things that I really want to do in my spare time- whether that be dinner with friends, simply going for a walk, or maybe doing a little shoe shopping. Hey, I have to reward myself after a long day of work, right?! That being said, here’s Wednesday’s Five Things. I hope you enjoy the random assortment almost as much as I do.


(Did you know we had old Navy ships stationed in Alameda? Because we do. They block our lovely city view, but provide an amazingly unique view of their own.)


(This was a recent tweet of mine. I had just purchased an amazing pair of Lululemon leggings on sale, and want to do nothing but live in them. It absolutely made my day when Lululemon tweeted at me. I wanted to wave my phone excitedly in my fellow commuters’ faces, but that would be a bit strange…even for me.)


(This was the most amazing lunch I treated myself to this week. Did you know that Pinkberry, aside from their fresh fruit, carries dark chocolate granola? Relatively healthy and the perfect antidote for a muggy day in the city.)


(I recently came across this video and couldn’t stop watching it even though it would bring me to tears every time. I love how the video is a portrayal of all kinds of relationships, despite the song being obviously inspired by a romantic one. This has possibly turned me in to an unshakable John Legend fan.)


(I just picked these puppies up from my first ever Early Access to the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale! Not only were they a steal, I felt weirdly special being able to go behind the curtained off areas and snoop around all the amazing sale things. I think I’ll be swapping the laces for a more streamlined look. What do you think? My initial inspiration was the fantastic Vivianna, at Vivianna Does Makeup . Click on the link to see her effortless styling tips for these shoes. I was quite surprised, but they look oddly chic for running shoes, I must say!)

Happy Wednesday-almost-Thursday!


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