Age is just a number, and other nonsense…

Hello everyone!

The countdown to my big day has officially begun. In a few hours, I will officially be one year older.


For those of you that need help with math, this means I’m 22, and none of this applies to me 😉

Funnily enough, a few of my favorite bloggers who I currently follow also seem to have summertime birthdays. It’s been quite fun sharing in their birthday experiences via the internet machine. Yet, for as many times as we generalize ourselves as a “20-something,” there seems to be simultaneous hierarchy instated in this land of “20-something.” Heaven forbid you, a 28-year-old , hang out with a 23-year-old. Ugh, doesn’t their world revolve around keg stands and going out on Monday nights? I’ve honestly heard this conversation take place more than once, and, to me  it’s just utterly ridiculous.

Just the other day, I came across an article on Twitter entitled: 25 Things You Can Get Away With Before 25 But Can’t Get Away With After.

I’m going to come out and say that I probably do more half of these things, so, by default this article is beyond absurd. Sure, there are important things listed like taking your career seriously and using sunscreen. But of course, like #4 mentions, the marker of impending adulthood is clearly choosing to sit inside in front of the television because you would rather catch the next episode of whatever-series instead of going out. Making small talk is clearly for juveniles. Also, as the fabulous @MFAMbloggette  says, we need to stop doing all these things “because 26 is geriatric.”

I’m about to turn 27, so watch me:

  • cram all six of my girlfriends in my studio apartment/one hotel room
  • wear a colored bra under a white top
  • eat all day and not work out. Gasp! This is just as scandalous as keeping my eyes open past 11pm, which I also do.
  • use “OMG” in an everyday sentence
  • attend music festivals
  • stand all night in high heels
  • have entire conversations involving “Other People’s Drama”



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