Birthday Dinner

Hi everyone!

I must say I have missed my dear blog over the last few days. Sorry to be MIA, but, as you might have gathered from my previous blogs, I have been occupied with celebrating my birthday over the last week. Which is totally appropriate adult behavior.

On my birthday proper, a small group of girlfriends and I gathered at Hard Water, a waterfront bar on the Embarcadero. Specializing in bourbon cocktails and New Orleans-inspired food, it was an intimate and enjoyable cocktail hour, although it was quite cold and blustery out.


This top-heavy concoction consisted of bourbon, St. George’s NOLA Coffee liqueur, organic Straus cream, and a variety of other things beyond my comprehension. It also came with this curious little metal straw/spoon, in the manner of those Iccee straws of your childhood. Also pictured are some beautiful pink dahlias I was gifted. True girlfriends are worth their weight in gold, I’ll be the first to tell you.

After a few drinks, I got to check another item off of the Summer List with a late dinner at Foreign Cinema. Two birds with one stone!  I’ve never had the opportunity of being at this beautiful restaurant while they were showing their signature films, so this was an absolute treat. I found it a bit difficult, however, to enjoy Casablanca in the full interior of the restaurant and without totally ignoring my date. It was a lovely sentiment, though, and created a really nice ambiance. Being the girl that I am, I did manage to document the lovely festivities by taking gratuitous photos of my celebratory meal before devouring it.

…minus the actual dinner…


When my exotic seafood stew arrived, you see, I decided that it needed to be in my face as quickly as possible. So, I put down the camera and enjoyed my dinner. Bad blogger! However, I did manage to capture the beauty of my cocktail. Typical Eva.

 Here’s the fantastic chevre cheesecake I had for dessert:


Topped with berries, brown sugar oat crumble, and a swipe of a white peach based sauce.

I have a feeling that this restaurant will continue to be one of my very favorites for years to come. I was so full by the end of the meal, I was beginning to regret my dress choice. Unfortunately you can’t unbutton any buttons when you’re wearing a dress…#girlproblems.

Happy Monday all! Promise I won’t be too much of a stranger.


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