Five Things

Hi everyone!

I’m gonna be frank: this first week back to teaching is rough. I’m sure many of you can agree with me, perhaps not on the teaching front, but on the fact that it’s always a bit of a stretch when returning to a long-established routine. No matter- I’m so excited to get back to dancing everyday. The excitement is exacerbated when you consider that you’re greeted with so many familiar, equally excited faces. But, even excitement can’t discount for the fact that I come home every evening entirely wiped out. So much so that even lifting my fingers to type this seems like the biggest chore.

Totally kidding.

I try to write a little bit before bed everyday, even when I don’t entirely feel like it. Like any routine or ritual, it’s wonderfully grounding, and somehow makes me feel like I’ve done something good and productive with my day. With that being said, let’s get to my weekly Wednesday ritual of Five Things!


A beautiful mural I found while taking a stroll near the Haight in San Francisco. I take such beautiful old homes for granted sometimes. Reason #749 why living in the Bay Area is wonderful.


Did you know, readers, that I have some mean cappuccino-making skills? Because I do. Back in my college days you would get a latte if ever you visited my cozy home.


A refreshing breakfast of raspberries, almonds, and vanilla yogurt from this last week. My favorite combination has always been freshly cut strawberries and Trader Joe’s vanilla bean yogurt. So yummy!


A hallway selfie, and Outfit of the Night (OOTN). I was particularly impressed with myself that evening, as I managed to throw this ensemble together in 5 minutes. No joke, I even timed myself! I have my trusty Le Pliage bag from Longchamps, denim blazer from Juicy Couture, my favorite tank from H&M, skirt from J.Crew, and sandals from DV by Dolce Vita. I even managed to haphazardly slap some makeup on my face before running out the door.

This is the part of my blog that features insufferably cute things. This week, we see The Adventures of Charlie Bronson the French Bulldog. I have a bit of an obsession with Frenchies, in case you haven’t noticed. Especially Frenchies with “real person” names. The baby also ups the cute factor. So cute, you may not want to look.


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