Sorry Not Sorry

Hello all!

Happy Monday! Today’s post was inspired by my new blogger-crush The Other Juliet. She’s my latest blog-spiration, and new internet friend, in that weird way where you feel as if you know someone entirely, but they know nothing about you. Oh, internet. I so adore her commentary on life as a 20-something: Leggings are not pants, Don’t buy me sushi, and the infamous Secret single behavior. It’s the strange little things in life that make us feel oddly connected. That and all the amazing GIFs.


Palm House, SF & their prickly pear mimosas. My new favorite place.

//Sorry, I’m not sorry that I go to brunch on a regular basis. And by brunch, I mean mimosas + french fries at noon.

//Sorry, I’m not sorry for drinking lattes at any hour of the day.

//Sorry, I’m not sorry for having 800 different soaps in my bathroom. I like my choices.

//Sorry, I’m not sorry that I can cram a whole cheeseburger in my mouth in under 3 minutes.

// Sorry, I’m not sorry for spending what little disposable income I have on shoes/Lululemon.

//Sorry, I’m not sorry for the amount of dry shampoo I use in my hair. You don’t even want to know.

//Sorry, I’m not sorry I fall down all the time. Yes, I’m a dancer. Yes, the floor should be clear of all obstacles. It’s totally your fault.

//Sorry, I’m not sorry that my car is basically a closet on wheels. Yeah…you never know when you’re going to need a pair of emergency high heels. It’s happened before! Now I can be instantly glamorous on a moments notice.


You’re welcome.


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