Five Things

Hello everyone!

I’m enjoying a cozy evening at home, with some long-anticipated rain tapping away on the windowpanes. I’ve been listening to the rather ominous Dark Places by Gillian Flynn on audiobook, and just had to turn it off for a minute to take it in the racket all the rain has been making outside. It’s been such a long time, I’ve forgotten what heavy rain sounds like- quite nice, really. This week’s Five Things is, without a doubt, San Luis Obispo-themed. It was where I spent my extended Thanksgiving vacation, after all.

Let’s hop to it:


I’ve rarely encountered a functioning record player, and was totally thrilled to mill through my friends stack of old records. Naturally, I picked Arethea to serenade us while we cooked our Thanksgiving dinner. I’m definitely entertaining the idea of buying one myself now.


One of my favorite stores in downtown San Luis has to be Hands Gallery. It’s filled with the most beautiful, locally made jewelry and art. I love going in and ogling everything, especially this framed poster extolling the virtues of coffee. It kind of is just like buying instant happiness, if you ask me.


This beautiful little card made its way into my hands over this last week. I keep it on top of my dresser so I can see it every morning as I’m putting on my jewelry for the day. I’m lucky enough to have many of these things.


This is Smurf, the most aggressive lap cat I’ve ever met. Now, mind you, she’s not aggressive and lap-oriented, she’s just really serious about getting in your lap and staying there. Don’t try to get up when she’s not ready, she’ll just hold on for dear life. Ouch.


Image via: Brown Butter Cookie Company

During last year’s Thanksgiving in SLO (San Luis Obispo) , I visited the beachside town of Cayucos. I quickly learned that it happens to be home to one of the most delicious cookie companies ever: Brown Butter Cookie Company. You know it’s good when the word “butter” is part of the company’s name. I didn’t get the chance to drive up to Cayucos this year, but I did sample these buttery little cookies in a local shop in SLO.

Nothing’s better than delicious food and good company, if you ask me.


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