Buy It Yourself

Hello all!

Is it just me or does there seems to be an awful lot of pressure associated with the holidays?

Sure, it makes sense – frustrations tend to surmount at the end of the year. You have all those presents to think about, all the people you care about to please, and enough rain to make everyone drive like there must be a fifth of scotch in their car cup holders. (Side note: Californians really don’t do well with rain, do they?) Let’s not forget trying to navigate the frightening crowds of people who takeover the mall this time of year.

After seeing everyone (including myself, at times) go wacky around Christmastime, I decided that sometimes you need to be a little extra kind to yourself. Let’s face it, even when things are going great, the holidays aren’t necessarily easy to navigate. No matter how or what you celebrate, you want to do it well.

Sometimes, you just need to buy it for yourself. 




And I did!

I’m not necessarily a fan of waiting around for things to happen, so I marched myself into Tiffany’s one day and nabbed a piece I had been eyeing for quite a while. I love the contrast between the silver and the single rose gold heart. It was a bit indulgent, I must say, but I wear it everyday and I love it. I’m a firm believer in treating yourself a bit around the holidays, along with all those you care about. Let’s face it, life can be stressful sometimes, just be sure to surround yourself with beautiful people as well as a few beautiful things.


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