The Holiday Hangover

Hello everyone.

Do you find yourself feeling cold, tired, and generally listless?

Having a hard time getting up in the morning?

Is there an empty space in your house once occupied by your beloved Christmas tree? 

Fighting the urge to put Bailey’s in your morning coffee?

Then, you might have….a holiday hangover.

Like me.


Lately, all I’ve wanted to do is stay inside and read, or sleep. Or both, to be quite honest. All that January gloom is attempting to set in, but it’s really nice to know that I’m not alone in this. (And neither are you, just in case you’re wondering!) While many of you were dreading the first day back at work, my schedule was finally slowing down. I’ve mentioned before that the Christmas season tends to be quite a busy one for me, and, because I do so enjoy what I do, a return to my normal schedule is almost disappointing. This, combined with all the cold weather can make me one sad bunny.

I’ve had a number of talks with friends in regards to our 2015 resolutions; usually to be fitter, more put-together, more mindful versions of ourselves. Resolutions are simply a way of injecting a sense of purpose into our lives mid-winter. The holidays are finally over, and there’s nothing to take the place of all that cheer. Even if they were less-than-ideal, they do only come once a year, along with all those fancy seasonal Starbuck’s drinks. So, what the hell January?! What are we supposed to do with you?

So, I started thinking…

The concept of new year’s resolutions are really that far off. This time of the year really should be about youWhat do you want to do? Then, instead of just thinking about it, go do it! The other day, a dream of an opportunity presented itself. I made my resolve to go after it, and, not soon after, started to get cold feet. Why? What was I so afraid of? Ultimately, I knew that nothing bad could happen to me. But, I also knew that absolutely nothing at all was going to happen if I didn’t make a move. Sometimes you need to just tell yourself that only good things can come of taking a chance. That’s pretty much all it took for me. Sure, I still had some anxiety surrounding the whole thing, but things like that will only get in your way if you let them. So put on your big girl/boy pants and show January who’s boss.



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