Blonde Again!

Hello all!

When you spend an unseemly long amount of time in a hairstylist’s chair, it seems only logical that you take incredible awkward pictures of your self, and the monster that your hair has become. It’s not a pretty sight, I must say, which is naturally why I enjoy sharing it with my friends and family! And you, dear readers, of course…Get ready for Adventures in Hair, Part II!

When you go into a salon asking for an ombré dye job, this is the last thing you think you’ll look like three hours later:


OMG! Am all kinds of glamorous. If you want to see more embarrassing pictures of me, just click here for my original ombré post. IMG_3172

Pardon my wibbly, bright selfie. That front-facing camera is quite awful at times. 

When I was younger I did nothing with my hair. I mean nothing. I took care of it, of course, brushed it, washed it, and put it up the same way everyday, but, that was it. When I was 17, I finally cut it to a more manageable length and even ventured out and got some subtle highlights. I later grew tired of them and had my hair dyed back to its uniform dark brown, where it stayed for a good eight years. I got restless, and thought of doing something different one day. Blonde seemed the last direction I would ever go in, but I wanted something relatively low-maintenance and decided to take a chance on this whole ombré thing. It certainly helps that, despite being semi-blonde for almost two years, I still get compliments. But, all that processing does make your hair awfully angry. If you, like me, have what I like to refer to as “special needs hair” just slap some of this little miracle cure on:


Photo c/o

I like to leave in this treatment overnight and rinse it out in the morning. Rub in some argan oil before you blow-dry and it’s like you have new hair! Bye-bye straw! I’ve also been experimenting with washing my hair less often to prevent excessive damage. Admittedly, this has led to quite a bit of dry shampoo abuse, but it’s going well so far! It could just be all in my head, but I swear my hair stays nicer longer. Do any of you have special tricks for your “special needs hair,” dear readers? Do tell!


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