Five Things

Hello all!

I must say, it’s really hard to multitask when you want to be 100% engrossed in all of the things you’re attending to. Do any of you ever experience this? I certainly do. It’s, unfortunately, the reason why it takes me at least three times longer than usually to finish whatever I’m writing.  It’s because, in the meantime, I’m attempting to watch “Game of Thrones,” make tea, and clean my house . So far, the tv is paused and my hot water has yet to make it into the cup where the teabag is. Hey, I tried.

I did, however, manage to crank out this week’s “Five Things,” so let’s hop to it!


It’s official. I now own work swag. Not only do I love the company, but their hoodies are the most cozy things ever. I’ve been trying not to live in it on a daily basis.


I was looking through some pictures from my hike up Mt. Tam the other day, and lo-and-behold, a photo-bomber! Hi Gary! I just had to share.


My girlfriends and I had a mid-week dinner date at Chino SF the other day. They boast an interesting take on Chinese cuisine. My favorite (although slightly gimmicky) thing was the boba cocktail. Quite refreshing, actually.


Tiny cupcakes courtesy of my friend Sarah. Cute and delicious, although I must say that the ones topped with chocolate chips seemed a tad inappropriate.

And, in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s my new favorite Instagram account:



Photo c/o: @omgliterallydead.

It’s the infamous: Omg Literally Dead. A fabulous 30-something out there thought it would be poignant to spoof all those Instagram-abusers out there, overusing hashtags and all. The photo above was captioned: “Ugh, #Starbucks barista fails again! It’s Skellie, idiots.#starbucksfail #psl #whothehellisskully.” As you can see Skellie is, in fact, literally dead. So take that!


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