Things to Do When You’re Bored

Hello everyone!



I was recently inspired by Youtube gal Nikki Phillippi for this next post. It’s rare that I find myself bored lately, yet, when it does happen, I’m always surprised that I have zero idea what to do with myself. When all your errands are done, and all your social obligations long over, I never know what I can do that’s both productive and…well…relaxing at the same time So, here are a few things that I like to do when I’m feeling a bit restless, or need a little pick-me-up.

…Bake. That’s right. Just bake whatever you feel like. Cookies, bread, cakes, that weirdly complicated shortbread recipe, just go for it. You’ll feel accomplished, your house will smell amazing, and you’ll have something delicious to eat…

…If you’re terribly girly, like me, give yourself an at-home manicure. Similarly, if you’re particularly coordinated, try doing a little nail art! You can find hundreds of simple tutorials online. If you’re not a DIY kinda gal, just go get them done.You deserve it…

…While I love reading, I sometimes find it hard to focus when I’m bored or feeling restless. Listening to audiobooks is a great alternative for those days where you just want to lay in bed and do nothing…

…Go thrifting! I’m very much guilty of doing this. If you’re not one for wandering about aimlessly while shopping, set your mind to something that you really need- anything from coffee mugs to a trench coat. It’s like a treasure hunt!….

…Go on a drive! I’m totally guilty of arbitrarily wanting to go visit an obscure coffee shop or restaurant, and making an entire trip out of it. Sometimes I’ll drive up to the North Bay just for a particular sandwich or into San Francisco for a doughnut. I enjoy getting to my destination as much as being there…

…Nest or rearrange furniture. There’s no better feeling than making progress on your space. I don’t really enjoy the process of cleaning up, but I do so love the end result…

…Call old friends to catch up! This is especially nice if you find yourself having a quite day, and in need of some good company…

The list goes on and on! What do you like to do in those moments of boredom?


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