Where’s St. Helena?

Hello everyone!

I’m writing from the comfort of my home today, wishing you all a happy Sunday. We had some amazing weather here lately, but not necessarily in the traditional sense. Yesterday, we had a few sudden thunderstorms followed by a beautiful sunset, and today we’ve had our usual sunshine. I honestly feel guilty when I choose to stay in and lay low on beautiful days like today, so I do try to get out and about when I can.

Recently, a few friends and I went up to St. Helena, which, for those of you who are wondering, is a lovely little city in Napa County. And, yes, you’ve probably seen a glimpse of my favorite restaurant and their amazing cheeseburgers in previous posts.


Gott’s Roadside (formerly Taylor’s Automatic Refresher) almost always has a colossal line. What few people seem to take advantage of is the small bar off to the side of the restaurant. It’s become the standard to grab a few menus, as well as a bottle of wine to share while we wait.



We were by far the most fun people standing in line that day. Just saying. Does wine with lunch make it brunch, by default?



After stuffing ourselves, we took a walk around the downtown area, located just a few blocks from Gott’s. We enjoyed the sunshine, and all the shoes we found at Footcandy, obviously.


It’s quite a charming place, littered with boutiques, art galleries, and historic hotels. It’s fantastic for window shopping, and I love to stop by the stores selling estate jewelry to ogle all the unique designs. Oh, and there’s wine. You’ll find dozens of wineries just driving into town. Whenever I find myself with no plans on a beautiful day, St. Helena is my go to for a quick getaway.


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