I Can’t Even Can

Hello everyone!

How’s that daylight savings time treating you? I must say, my day was off to a rough start, but so worth the extra hour of sunshine in the evening. I joked that I was, what a friend of mine would call, “baby tired.” You know, the kind of tired that leaves you on the verge of tears for absolutely no reason? It’s often easily cured by a nap and a cup of tea in a quiet room. While I  didn’t have time for either of these, in the meantime, I’m doing s rather undignified: I’m typing this on my iPhone. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I’m feeling less and less like a proper writer, but the words are coming nonetheless. My dear computer’s power cable decided to crap out on me, for lack of a better expression. But, on the bright side, I can now lay down and type simultaneously. Always a silver lining.

Today, I wanted to write something rather ramble-y, mostly inspired by this video:

Like most things that make you laugh out loud, it’s humor is entirely derived from the fact that it’s so true. The stereotypical millennial dialogue that’s peppered with “I can’t evens” and abused “literally,” to describe ever little distraction/injustice is all too common as of late. The blatant irony here is that the melodrama is almost never necessary, that there are, in fact, people who actually can’t. I have little patience with these fully capable people, and while we all tend to throw  ourselves a pity-party every once-in-a-while, it should never be this to this extent. It’s sometimes fun to point and laugh at the herbal ridiculous was of other people, but at what point does the narcissism just get sad? You spend your days telling people how you “literally can’t,” so what can you do, according to you? I read an interesting article today on NPR, addressing the fine line between someone having self-esteem and being narcissistic. I by no means have all the answers, far from it, but I think working with kids has made me think twice about these kinds of things. It’s strange how a lot of people I encounter vacillate between feeling as if they’re not enough, to a state where they can’t even be bothered. Myself included. While these extremes make life a little more interesting, I’m looking for something a bit better. Literally 🙂


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