I’m On a Boat

Hello everyone!

They say that you make lifelong friends in your college years, and I have little evidence to refute this. Even though it’s been many years since we’ve found ourselves biking around Santa Barbara, and we’ve all gone our separate ways, my college girlfriends and I still make a point of getting together for “girls trips” over the years. We had our first full-scale reunion here in the Bay Area (see pictures from my post here)a little less than two years ago, and decided we were long overdue another one.

 After many months of planning, we all agreed to meet in San Diego, where we had generously been offered a fabulous place to stay right in Little Italy. Last time we got together, seven of us all crammed into my studio apartment, it was totally absurd, but also like an amazing adult slumber party. Anyway, I decided to share a few snapshots of just one of our many recent adventures together: on a boat.








and, look, I was even there too:


We spent a chunk of our Saturday sailing around San Diego. The same family friend of my good friend, Kelsey who had let us stay in their penthouse, also let us “borrow” their boat for a day. Luckily, my friend Maren is quite the experienced sailor, having pretty much grown up on a boat in the Virgin Islands, took charge. (She’s the one standing in the photos above. Most of us remained seated, for fear we might fall overboard…or was that just me?) She’s really made me appreciate sailing- just listening to her describe the basics makes my head spin. I find myself frequently asking her what feels like really stupid questions. “I’m sorry…but is the jib sheet the small sail-thingy?”

We had a little cheese, crackers, and drinks to hold us over for a few hours while we enjoyed the views of the San Diego skyline. I haven’t spent much time in the area, but I have a feeling it won’t feel quite as exciting without these girls. Miss them already.

Have a great weekend!


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