Out West…

Hello all!

It’s Wednesday and that means one thing, right? Five Things! Well, I thought I would mix it up a bit. The self-proclaimed foodie in me wanted to do a bit of a thematic “Five Things”…

I recently discovered that my office is ideally located-walking distance from three very different, vibrant neighborhoods in San Francisco. Since Wednesdays tend to be one (of many) long work days, I like to plan the occasional, get-together with my friends when I can. Today, we went to West of Pecos in the Mission district. I’ve walked by this southwestern-themed restaurant quite a few times, and it’s always packed, so we decided there was no time like to present to check it out.


Luckily, we got there early enough to take advantage of the happy hour. Delicious, incredibly chunky guacamole. And I would describe their chile-dusted chips as “high-brow Doritos.” That’s a compliment, I promise.


I also had some of the best corn covered in some sort of amazing chipotle-butter concoction and flowers. I was in love. To be noted, there is no dignified way to eat corn-on-the-cob.


My corn was accompanied by some of their tuna crudo tacos. Really refreshing and flavorful. I almost wish I had gotten the bigger portion!


It’s “my good friend Rachel,” modeling the fabulous tacos. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do at the dinner when you’re a 20-something: take pictures of your food. I have no shame.


We all decided to split some churros for dessert. We all seemed to have different, positive connotations with churros. They always remind me of going to the flea markets in San Jose when I was a kid. My friend Courtney, who’s originally from San Diego, said she would frequently buy churros from vendors at the beach as a kid. They would always instruct you to hold your churro close to your chest. Why? Apparently too many small children found out that seagulls can apparently spot you gleefully waving your churro from miles away, and won’t hesitate to steal it right from your hands.

 In all seriousness, those churros and the accompanying sauces were so good, I found myself debating how to discretely lick my plate when no one was looking. Which I may or may not have done. I blame the strong sangria.

In other news, happy Earth/Administrative Professionals Day! I clearly celebrated.


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