Five Things

Hello all!

What do you get when you combined the latest piece of technology (an iPhone 6) with the technological equivalent of a stone tablet (an HP laptop circa 2008)? A blog post that takes two hours to write! Whoohoo! My poor PC has been so faithful, but can’t keep up. It’s like trying to plug a Nespresso machine into a European outlet circa 1956. It’s just not gonna be pretty.

Luckily, there have been no explosions yet and I’m determined to post this week’s Five Things as scheduled!


Remember my Rockstud look-alikes that I purchased a while back? Well, I loved them so much, I went back and purchased a white, patent leather pair. You know, something spring/summer and potentially daytime-occasion appropriate. Heck, I’ll wear them going to buy a latte if I have to. I love them!


Photo c/o @nvbyk

I like to peruse Instagram during my morning commute, and am always stumbling upon new things. It’s a wealth of inspiration, that app. Today, I discovered “New Vintage” by Kriss, which has a little bit of fashion and everyday inspiration. Who doesn’t like looking at beautiful jewelry, anyway?


Image by Jasmine Safaeian

Happy National Dance Day everyone! Since it’s not quite Thursday yet, I bring you a “way back” Wednesday. This was my first dance photo shoot of sorts, it was a windy day, and I jumped around a whole bunch. Jasmine, the talented photographer and fellow UCSB alumn, took individual photos of the entire student company. Unfortunately, this copy doesn’t do the original any justice. A bit wibbly, no?


I’m so lucky to work walking distance from this beautiful opera house. I can’t help but take pictures every time I step foot in it. I’ve been going to see San Francisco Ballet more than ever lately, and already can’t wait for the next season.


Photo c/o Michaela Lynch

This last Saturday, students and staff at my school threw a little wedding shower for our very loved teachers, Erin Yarbrough and Jonathan Powell. We had food, games, and a little Dance Arts Project family time. 

Time well spent, wouldn’t you say? 


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