#Missadventure: A Love Story

Hello all!

I’m going to have a Cathy-comic moment and say “Ack!” It’s been altogether too long since I’ve posted on Watch Me Juggle. You see, I mentally blog everyday, it’s just the booting up the ancient laptop part that seems to scare me. Since I spend so much time in front of a computer at work, I’ve somehow developed some sort of odd fear that my work will jump out at me the minute I open up my computer at home. Completely irrational, I know, this isn’t Poltergeist. That’s just my not-really-an-excuse excuse.


Despite my recent aversion to the computer, I seem to have developed the pesky habit of staring at my phone into the wee hours of the morning, when I’m supposed to be sleeping. I usually regret this, but, just the other day, I discovered something amazing. Kate Spade, in a stroke of marketing genius, has released a series of short films featuring Anna Kendrick, all with the hashtag “Missadventure.” I’ve fully fallen in love with these spots, and have maybe watched them each four or five times at least. Adventure #1 features Kendrick, toting a mini Christmas tree and scores of shopping bags, locked out of her New York brownstone. She ends up taking selfies, drinking champagne on her stoop, and being generally embarrassing until inevitably rescuing herself.

Adventure #2 depicts an LA getaway, where she is mistaken for a meditation guru to the starts. Hilarity ensues. Best guided mediation I’ve heard in a long time: “We are among the clouds, and we look down and we see our feet….and our super cute shoes.”

The latest, Adventure #3, a decked-out Kendrick (complete with purse dog, Milos) is stood up for a date at the Russian Tea room. Again, while only minimally embarrassing herself, she manages to find even better company- not just in her fabulous, glittery gnome shaped purse. “#DatingMyPurse…is that funny? Or just worrying?” You can even shop the looks seen in each film here.

I could go on and on about how much these little ads resonate with me. I’ve shared them with countless people. They’re hilarious, and altogether a little bit too true. (“He sent me a fish emoji..? Is that a metaphor for something?” ) There’s really just something lovable about #missadventure; we’ve tried in the past to categorize this trait as “adorkable,” but this is something a bit more. Anna Kendrick portrays the quintessential girl on the go, who might be a little quirky, but is also more than capable and unabashed at who she is. This pays off for her, and I’m sure legions of women, both young and old, can somehow relate to the way she navigates her life’s challenges. Sometimes, it feels right to do something as ridiculous as having a conversation with your purse and/or dog, ordering just dessert, or dressing up in all your new purchases all at once. It certainly helps that she looks fabulous doing it. Good job, Kate Spade, good job. Now…where can I buy that ridiculous gnome purse?


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