Five Things

Hello all!

It’s finally time for Five Things for the week! I’ve been scrounging around a bit for ideas and inspiration lately, which sounds silly given that I work in such a creative field. With so many ongoing shows, I keep finding myself spending more and more time occupied with work, which means a little less time wandering around experiencing and snapping pictures of random things! I certainly can’t complain, since “work” often entails things like attending ballet performances and hot-gluing jewels on costumes. Snapshots soon to follow! For now, I have just a few things from this past week to entertain you. On to Five Things:


Like many women out there, I have a thing for peonies. If roses had a fancy cousin, peonies would be it. Though short, I anticipate peony season every year, and unnecessarily pick up bouquets for myself at the local Trader Joes. Treat yourself!


Ladies and gentlemen: I finally made it back to ballet class. I notice that my mood is never quite right without dancing on a regular basis, so I packed my things and bowed out of the office for a bit on Wednesday. Everything hurts and I’m having trouble walking up stairs, but it was worth it!


 I love that 20th Century Cafe (one of the most instagrammed resturants in San Francisco!) is so close to my office. They have pastries I’ve only ever seen in Europe, and their strudel is almost as good as the one my Austrian grandmother makes. Almost. 


I like to have something to look forward to after a long workday. Last week, I met a few girlfriends of mine at Ken Ken Ramen in San Francisco for dinner. Now, I’m not too savvy when it comes to ramen, but this stuff was unlike anything else I’ve ever tasted. For a bowl of what is, in actuality, just soup, it was incredibly filling and rich! I’ll definitely be back.


Did everyone have a good Memorial Day Weekend? Whenever anyone asked what I was up to, I couldn’t help but recall this stylish Anne Taintor luggage tag I found on Pinterest.  This could have accurately described my weekend, but in a positive and relaxing way. I had no concrete plans and all the time in the world. It was really refreshing…although nothing can quite beat a  vacation. Soon!



80% Sass, and a little Coffee

Hello everyone!

Sass, snark, smart-assedness (yes, that’s a word I made up, thank-you-very-much), those are just a few words that describe Anne Taintor. If her name doesn’t sound too familiar to you, don’t worry. You’ve probably seen her vintage-style art out and about.    A wall in my apartment is sporting an Anne Taintor calender, currently turned to a quote “following the ‘if you can’t say something nice’ rule proved to be more challenging than she anticipated.” I sometimes take my morning coffee in a “Martinis: they’re not just for breakfast” mug, which occasionally makes its way to class, and is slightly embarrassing. You may also know her from this news story that happened a while back, where a woman sued when her yearbook photo appeared on a flask decades later.  I found the whole thing funny, but I’m guessing we do not share a similar sense of humor.

There’s just something about her art that just tickles me- I think it’s the combination of oh-so-proper vintage prints and the unrestrained sarcasm. I would like to think that the majority of the people pictured in her prints would relate to their newly appointed captions, even if they weren’t quite allowed to say them at the time. Her artwork covers a variety of relatable topics, such as



My justification is not if, it’s when. Life is short, buy the shoes, and all that jazz. Remember those studded stilettos I bought a while back? Wrote about it here. Those are my ass-kicking shoes, and I think it’s important that every woman have a pair. They’ve recently come back into stock in a nude/white patent and I’m horribly tempted to  buy them.



Isn’t that always the case? Quite unfortunate, really. This image makes me laugh- ladies, I’m sure that most of you out in the dating world have been here at some point or another. I pride myself in being fundamentally optimistic, even when it defies logic. But, if I have to go on one more mediocre date this next month, I’m just going to get a dog. On the bright side, it’s done wonders for my conversational skills, and I’ve eaten some pretty incredible meals.



This has become my mental M.O as of lately. Being responsible and all, I’ve found myself with a latte in hand, more often than not. That counts, right?



With all the classes I’ve been teaching, I’ve been admittedly putting off the yoga classes I’ve mentally scheduled for re-runs of “The Royals.” It’s basically a ridiculous, thinly veiled British soap opera, but I love it. Stick a pint of ice cream in my hands and I’m a 20-something manifestation of Bridget Jones. “I choose vodka…and Chaka Khan.”