Placerville: 6 Dogs, 2 Facemasks, Countless Mimosas

Hello all!

Sometimes you need to get out of dodge. Or, rather, get out of your dodge and into someone else’s. I recently spent the weekend in Placerville, Ca with my lovely friend Devyn, and while it’s not your typical destination town, I enjoyed the quiet woodsiness of the place.


Welcome to Hangtown, aka. Downtown Placerville.


(I’ll admit that sometimes I’m a horrible photographer. I left my finger in the shot for authenticity’s sake.)


IMG_4699 IMG_4708


Meet Millie and Oscar


Buddy the Great Dane



My puppy twin: Ava


With life feeling more chaotic than normal lately, it was really nice to drive a few hours away from the Bay Area and spend the weekend with Devyn and her family in their very spacious log cabin. For those of you that have been following Watch Me Juggle for a while now, this was the very same site where Devyn and her husband Casey were married a few years ago (I, of course, blogged about it here). We spent Saturday evening eating some delicious barbecue and wandering around the house in face masks Devyn had acquired from her recent travels in South Korea. I would like to think that the rice mask I wore did indeed give my skin a little extra glow! Not laughing while the masks were on, however, proved to be a lot harder than we thought- especially with the addition of after dinner cocktails. The six family dogs also made for some wonderful evening entertainment, and I spent perhaps too much time playing with my puppy counterpart, Ava, before bed.

We started our Sunday with a lovely brunch, complete with waffles and mimosas, and later made our way to downtown Placerville for a little sight-seeing. The neighboring area of Apple Hill has a number of wonderful wineries and the local Jack Russell brewery. Devyn and I split a beer tasting on the patio; I highly recommend their vanilla stout. It’s like dessert in beer form! It was such a nice getaway from city life, the weekend didn’t feel nearly long enough. Luckily, it’s all only a drive away! I have a feeling I’ll be back.


Adventures at The Farm

Hello all!

So…the last thing I expected to find in the middle of Tempe, Arizona would be a full-blown farm. But, there it was. Surrounded by cacti and mountains, you’ll find the surprising lush Farm, complete with three restaurants and a weekend market.

Cue the photos!

IMG_3080 IMG_3129 IMG_3091 IMG_3092 IMG_3085 IMG_3094



This is my friend Emily. This is also her sassy face.


A giant, fresh-squeezed mimosa to start the day right! Also pictured is the very first Bloody Mary I’ve ever tasted. Pretty darn good.


A fabulous, yet messy breakfast sandwich. I will never be that woman that can eat and not spill. I somehow ended up with egg yolk on my skirt!


Yes, you could say I’ve officially jumped on the farm-to-table bandwagon. After walking though the farm grounds, we settled on having a much needed brunch at the Morning Glory Cafe. They had a fantastic variety of options, many of them with a Latin twist. Emily ordered their huevos rancheros- so flavorful! Obviously, everything served was extremely fresh, as we were sitting yards away from fields of vegetables and herbs.

It was a really wonderful way to start the day, very quiet and idyllic. On our way out, I decided to pose by the entrance, which is when the ridiculousness ensued. Emily (my photographer for the day) prompted me to make a funny face, at which point I proceeded to hold my arms out at my sides like an awkward snowman and look confused. Repeatedly.

Click through the slideshow below for your own amusement.


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I’m a really goofy gal, and proud.

Can’t wait for the next adventure!