Five Things

 Hello everyone!

This week has been a week of many firsts. I recently returned from a long weekend in Santa Barbara, which marks the first time I had been back to visit since I graduating from UCSB. I went to my first yoga class in a while, and was referred to as a yogi by the teacher(!) for my exemplary shoulder stand. So…I can basically add “Yogi”on my list of skills on my resume now, right? In less fun news, I also set something on fire in my kitchen for the first time. RIP potholder, you were a good one. And with that rather odd introduction, here are some more things, all of them firsts:

I give you: the Brian Boitano, frozen yogurt blended with coconut and fresh blueberries. It was the name that sold it, really. It was my first time visiting Loving Cup in Hayes Valley, and I’m certainly going to have to go back to sample some of their amazing looking rice pudding.

I recently discovered this music video on Youtube by Money. I just think it’s a beautiful depiction of the strength and dedication of ballet.


This moment of weirdly color-coordinated accessories was a complete coincidence, I swear! Not pictured: my matching blue phone case. Gee, I must really like this color.

  This last week I went to Whole Foods to pick up something healthy, as most people do, and ended up getting this raspberry-filled 5 pound doughnut-thing, also known as a Berliner. It had fruit inside, so I kept telling myself that it totally was well-balanced breakfast. One of my co-workers left our office recently, and while we’re all going to miss him, I’m sure he’s off on big adventures! I thought there was no better time than the moment to order a dozen fresh-baked sea salt and chocolate chip cookies from Doughbies as part of his send-off.  Living in the San Francisco Bay Area may be tricky at times, but where else can you get a man to deliver cookies to your office in just a few clicks?

Until next time!