Weekend Recap

Oh, hello! It looks like someone finally decided it was fall.  It was so windy outside this Sunday, I ran in to Target to buy myself a hat and gloves. And yes, that’s the official story and I’m sticking with it! Now, I have a lovely little white beanie complete with a marabou poof keeping my head warm. This is clearly an essential.

Though I had no crazy, Halloween-themed parties to go to this year, I did have quite a few memorable things planned for the weekend:


Friday night featured a concert I had been looking forward to for quite some time. The one and only: “The Naked and Famous.”  I had never been to the Fox in downtown Oakland, and the venue was 10 times more beautiful than I expected.

IMG_0460Fabulous view. Nosebleed seats and all.

I’d like to think that my 12 year-old self would have thought I was such the “cool kid.” Also had a wonderful time at Make Westing, both before and after the show.

My Saturday involved very fabulous girl time,  afternoon tea, and a screening of Downton Abbey, Season 4.  (Oh my goodness, such drama! The most dignified soap opera around.)



 The menu included:

Scones, Blueberry Financiers, 

Apple spice cakes with whiskey glaze

Flour-less chocolate cakes

Egg salad

& a variety of tea sandwiches .

Curried chicken, cucumber mint mascarpone, and smoked salmon.


And there was of course, tea. And wine. Which rendered my mother completely incapable of taking pictures, so no group photos for this bit, I’m afraid.

To top it all off, I got my Halloween wish by carving pumpkins with the lovely Rachel and the kiddos she watches.



The lovely Ella.

Not afraid of getting dirty, a firecracker, and great company. Her pumpkin had three eye, just FYI.

IMG_0479Edward. My lame, sandwich-eating (?) vampire pumpkin.


It’s an Avocado pumpkin!

(Avocado =the Wonderful company that Miss Rachel works for. It’s a free couples app- go download!)

We ended the evening with homemade noodle soup and caramel apple cookies. Very fall-festive.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends as much as I did mine!



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