Five Things

Happy Halloween eve everyone! (If that’s even a thing) Seems like the holidays are in full swing, and the pumpkins have taken over. They’re everywhere. In your lotion, in your beer. I could do a whole post on it. Someday soon!

Here’s this week’s “Five Things”:


(Meet the latest edition to my Jewelry stash/hoard, courtesy of H&M)

If you’re wondering, I do have magpie-like tendencies.


(Tazo “Rest” Tea)

One of my before bedtime favorites. With lavender & rose. Yum!

And…a little ballerina cake-topper. Something tells me she will make other appearances here in future.

IMG_0488(My nailpolish color matches the walls in my bathroom!)

Just an amusing observation. Forgive my scary hand in this photo.

IMG_0494(Speaking of Pumpkins: Meet Pumpkin Mumkin)

My latest Lush acquisition. He has a little licorice stem, chocolate chip eyes, and makes loads of orange blossom-scented bubbles. Trouble is, he’s too cute for his own good and I can’t bring myself to use him!

(Audrey Hepburn. Dancing. Enough said.)

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