Ex Libris.


Cheers to a week that went by in a flash!

One of my favorite things is discovering new places, and consequently collecting new stories to tell when Monday rolls around. I daresay my partner-in-crime and I found something rather novel in SOMA this weekend: Novela.

(Rimshot please. I am very proud of myself.)

(An aside: Novela happened to be the former home of Fluid Ultralounge. And though I had nothing against that bar, I found it’s name totally unfortunate. It would be similar to naming a bar “Moist” or “Fiduciary” or some other word that people can’t stand to pronounce/hear. I’m convinced that this was it’s downfall. )

While rather over the top, I definitely had a wonderful time in this library-themed, stylish hangout. The walls were floor-to- ceiling illuminated bookshelves, and the cocktails named after beloved characters from the classics.  I got overly excited when I found a drink on the menu by the name of Holden Caulfield.  I pointed at the menu and said something terribly verbose, along the lines of “Ooh! Ooh! I know that one!” As if I was, at one point, the only 15 year old that was forced to read Catcher in the Rye in school, only to appreciate it 10 years later.

After an Atticus Finch and Leopold Bloom or two, I made the loop to the ladies room.  I found it covered in fantastic, stockinged-leg printed wallpaper, and little gems of wisdom hanging from the walls. This was my favorite, and made me laugh out loud:


Not always 100% true, but touché Ernest.

At the end of the night, and reminiscing over nights previous (you know, when I was young and fun and left the house more than once a week), Miss Rachel came up with the most hilarious idea that I had to share. And possibly bring to fruition. Namely, that there should be “Drunk Bingo.” Now, I don’t mean this in the sense of “Let’s All Have Too Many Midori Sours and Play Bingo,” but more along the lines of:  “Let’s Observe All of Other Peoples’ Shenangians for Our Own Enjoyment and Keep Track.” First one to win, gets…I don’t know…

That’s the only point of the game I haven’t worked out yet.

But ideally, it should include some of the following items:

“Getting yelled at by a man with a British Accent. “

“Oops someone fell over. Again.”

“I do believe that person is bleeding.”

“I think someone forgot to put pants on before they left the house. “

“There are high-pitched girly screams happening and I don’t know why.”

“Someone spilt their beverage in my shoes.”

“Oh look! People are waiting in line for no reason.”


“That person thinks they’re cleaning up but they’re only making it worse.”

I’d like to say that if we were playing this game on Saturday night, one of us would have won. There was a British man. And he yelled something along the lines of “AYYY! YEW LOOK GOR-GEOUS!” at us.



Photo: Refinery 29/Novela

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