Five Things


This week’s Five things is going to be a little bit different. I’m sharing five things that not very many people know about me.

1.// I was always made to wear turtlenecks as a child. Under everything. Dresses, overalls, even my Halloween costume in Kindergarten. I was the only gold lamé angel on the playground with a long-sleeved white turtle neck to match my wings. Because we all know that you might get a pneumonia and die if you get cold. I’m slowly starting to warm up to wearing them again, but it’s a love/hate relationship if there ever was one.

2.//I have a co-dependent relationship with my sunglasses. More accurately, a dependent relationship, as I’m sure my sunglasses don’t care if I wear them or not. I hate being without my sunglasses. They’re like my armor against the world on bad days, and they make anything you’re wearing seem more put together. Mind you, I do not own one pair of expensive sunglasses. They usually run about the $0-$10 range. I did recently purchase a pair for $40, and now obsessively guard them.

3.//I’m afraid of heights, but I forget it all the time. It’s usually not until I’m peering out the window of a tall building, or at the top of a rock wall that I realize that I’m totally horrified. Whoops.

4.//I was the most awful leash-child ever. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m probably going to pay for it with my own kids someday. Not only did I try to run away from my parents every chance I could get, but I learned how to unlock every lock on the front door of our house as quickly as possible and make a run for it. This all stopped when they got a special lock I couldn’t reach. They still have it on their door. Too bad for them I’m tall now.

5.//I’m convinced I have a larger imagination than is healthy for a normal adult. Yes, I dance around my house pretending I’m in a field of flowers/on the beach/at the worlds most amazing club on a regular basis. In the kitchen I put on my apron and imagine that I’m Betty Crocker, cooking for 20 people. And yes, when it’s cold out and I have to wear socks inside, I pretend I’m Tom Cruise in Risky Business. I know you all do it too, so don’t judge me!

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