A Girl and Her Purse

alternately “On Purses and the Secrets They Carry”


I recently was given the suggesting to post a little something-something on the obsession relationship women have with their purses. When I write, relationship, I mean relationship. It’s something that’s almost inherently built in to us from the beginning. I remember playing with my little cousin, at the ripe age of three, who was toting around a purse. She wanted to show me all the wonderful things she had inside. What could a three year old need a moment’s notice? Puzzle pieces. As amused as I was, I couldn’t help but wonder what poor soul she had pilfered the pieces from. They will forever wonder what happened to them, unable to complete their chunky puzzle because a toddler needed something to fill her purse with.

As you can see, I have fully disclosed the contents of my most current purse above. Thus far, it’s pretty generic. I have my beloved sunglasses, keys, wallet, my iPod, a variety of lipsticks, and a brand new little tube of concealer. Yes, those are tea bags. You never know when you might need these things. Not pictured are a handful of receipts and my iPhone. I’m unfortunately the worst hoarder of lip products within a purse that you have ever seen. Once they go in, that’s where they stay. Hence the growing collection:

IMG_0559If you’re wondering, I do need two almost identical lipsticks. A lip balm (for more casual occasions), a high-end lipstick for when I’m feeling fancy, and a lip gloss. These are all different, I swear. Ask any woman who wears makeup on a regular basis. The most embarrassing behavior I exhibit with my purse, however, is treating it like a trash can. Not sure where to put that crumpled up tissue? In your purse! Tired of that gum you’re chewing? Stick in an old receipt. Where?! In your purse! Tired of holding things? Put it in your purse! It’s magic.

The problem comes when you have said purse, now full of trash, that you’re forever carrying around. So you do what I do: buy a new one! Then transfer the essentials and marvel at how clean it is. As I tend to rotate my most used purse every year or so, many of my discarded “receipt holders” do get cleaned out and shown some love again. It just takes me a little while. Until next time!



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