2 Babies, 1 Turkey, and Many Pies









Happy November/December All!

I hope you had as lovely of a Thanksgiving as I did.

I ate all the things.

Most of you know that I’ve spent the last 4 years’ Thanksgiving celebrations down in the lovely city of San Luis Obispo, with some of my favorite ladies. It’s a trip I look forward to every year. Also known as “Orphan Thanksgiving,” it’s our own version of the holiday, and we do it right. This year we even had a centerpiece…wait for it….with pumpkins from the garden out back. We also had 3 different kinds of homemade pie. One of my favorite things is  adding to the tradition every year. So far, this includes horrible made-for-TV holiday movies and a post-meal parade around the block. Our latest celebration featured the newest member of the tribe, Mr. Ewan, in his own Thanksgiving day attire. I’d like to think that he enjoyed the sweet potatoes as much as we did, at least the ones that made it in to his mouth. In other news, congratulations are due to the lovely Perisho family, and their newest member: Cooper James. I was obsessively attached to my phone, awaiting the news of his arrival most of the weekend. I see a trip to Seattle in the near future I can’t wait to meet him! Cheers to many, many things to be thankful for this year, and to good friends.



2 thoughts on “2 Babies, 1 Turkey, and Many Pies

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