Valentine’s Day: An Excuse to Eat More Chocolate

Ah, Valentine’s Day. No matter what we call you (Single’s Awareness Day, S.A.D, just-another-Friday) you’re a day of high expectation. If you’re happily coupled your partner better put on a good show: thoughtful gifts, reservations at your favorite restaurant, etc.

A quick tip:

Gentlemen: avoid the joke card. Avoid it like the plague, it never goes over well and is confusing, at best.

Ladies: buy yourself that thing you really wanted. Jewelry, flowers, whatever! Don’t wait for someone to come along and give it to you. It’s how I ended up with these lovely things. And, if you’re me, find someone who appreciates you enough to deserve this gem. Thank you, Allie Brosh.

Back to the subject at hand: disregarding my relationship status, I’ve made it a Valentine’s tradition over the last few years to look fantastic, get together with some friends and do something indulgent. Now, I’ve noticed there are plenty of sites out there suggesting date night ideas, typical pink-and-red events crawling with besotted couples. But, fear not, dear reader. I have put together my list of things to do on Valentine’s day. For those of you looking for something a bit…different.

19722_207959772682904_1773427100_n(A Pixie and A Drunken Ballerina)

One of my favorite choices for the evening has to be American Cupcake in SF. This place is all kinds of wonderful/ridiculous. And, yes, if you were wondering, the caption above denotes the drinks pictured. The Pixie involves champagne, violet liqueur, and pixie stix. The Drunken Ballerina is simply champagne, jazzed up with some massive sprinkles, with a ballerina on top. These are flanked by a cotton candy and bubblegum cupcake. For those of you with less of a sweet tooth, they also serve dinner, and have whimsical “flights” of either beer or wine accompanied by mini cupcakes.

Should technicolor sweets and drinks not be your thing, never fear. Here’s a list of foolproof combos to make any Valentine’s day special:

Your favorite Hole-in-the-Wall + Latest horror movie

The local pub + Board games (in my case: The Hob Nob and Cards Against Humanity make for a fun night!)

The Trashy-on-Purpose Bar + … (Let the games begin!)

If you’re in the SF Bay Area, I highly recommend Butter. This place has everything: drinks served in paper bags, fried food, and 90’s television.

A Microbrewery + Burgers & Fries

An All-American choice. Lucky 13 in Alameda has a big place in my heart, and with a quality burger from Scolari’s next-door, you can’t go wrong. For a slightly healthier option, venture to Beer Revolution in Oakland and grab a Southern fried tofu sandwich at Souley Vegan.


If all else fails, crack open a bottle of champagne, bake some cookies, and play hostess. Nothing like a good group of friends to make an evening special.

Ladies: Be sure to wear those crazy, man-repelling things you own as well. All of them. At the same time. I won’t judge you.



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