Five Things

Hey everybody!

It’s Five Things Wednesday already! This week has been particularly exciting for me, not really because of any epic goings-on, but simply because I’ve been reading/writing my pants off. Oh, and you know that little button on my side-bar over there? The one that says follow? If you click it, amazing things will happen. Puppies will fall from the sky and I will bake you a cake and personally deliver it to your house.*

*I unfortunately can’t guarantee that this exact thing will happen, but I can say that you will be my favorite. : )


(Nutella Banana bread, courtesy of the fantastic Joanna Goddard and her blog, A Cup of Jo. And Zoë Bakes)
Speaking of cake, it’s World Nutella Day! What better way to celebrate than to put your nutella in. a. cake? My mind is blown.
(“Shrimp Dumpling in Rabbit Shape” from Hang Ah Tea Room in SF. Look at the little ears!)
I don’t know what it is about this colder (I use this term loosely) weather that has me obsessively thinking about dim sum. Admittedly, I was at first totally put off by the idea of having such savory food for breakfast, but add some green tea, and it just feels right. It’s quite the opposite of my usual morning routine (carbs + coffee) so it feels like a refreshing reset.
(My favorite drink, at one of my favorite local cafés)
I had a meet-up this week that has me quite excited about life, in general. I’m working towards filling my life with the people and the work I love. It’s too precious to waste doing things you don’t want to do.
(Ellie Goulding “Tessellate”)
Recent song discovery. Love the video as well; Paris in black and white is a classic.
(Best quote. That is all.)
No mud. No lotus.

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