It’s the Little Things

Hello everyone!

I’ve been contemplating as to whether or not to change my “Five Things” series to “It’s the Little Things.” Or does this sound too Hallmark Channel family special? You will have to let me know.

Looking back at this last week’s photos does make me quite happy- it’s been a good, busy week. I will admit that I truly enjoy being busy, but only if I’m busy with things that I truly enjoy. That makes sense, right? I’ve been dancing quite a bit (rehearsal in the mornings, class in the evenings), writing, studying, reading, and the other day I even made my own pasta sauce! From scratch. I’ve been feeling quite a bit like this little girl, lately. Complete with the cheerleading moves.


(Beautiful antique cocktail glasses I was gifted for Christmas. Am searching for a special occasion to use these.)


(An Earl Grey macaroon from Feel Good Bakery. Complete with a latte from Blue Bottle. Perfection.)


(My last Valentine’s truffle. White chocolate strawberry. So cute.)


(My favorite study partner. A cup of Choco-Chai from Julie’s Coffee & Tea in Alameda. Topped with homemade whipped cream.)

IMG_0875(Hey look! It’s three drinks instead of two! Tropical mojitos at one of my old haunts: Habanas. My friends and I have such fond memories here.)

Happy Wednesday!



2 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

  1. A couple of things!
    1. I like “Five Things” because, as you’ve experienced in the past, it forces you to find those top five things, even when you think there might only be 4. I think this is an awesome feeling, because you end up finding the beauty, fun, intrigue in something you may have otherwise overlooked.
    2. The next time I visit you in SF, I want to drink fancy things out of those glasses! It will be a requirement!
    3. When you visit us in AZ, you must make your special pasta sauce. I love homemade pasta sauces!!

    Love you, girlie! Miss you tons. <3, Em

    • Thanks for the feedback! I promise there will be many fancy cocktails in your future. And my special pasta sauce is courtesy of Smitten Kitchen, and the easiest thing EVER. I couldn’t believe it!

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